Friday, 19 October 2012

T2 Tea Society and a colourful outfit

T2 has a Tea Society which is free to join, and you get a cool card like this:

You accumulate points every time you make a purchase much like fly buys.  There are different tiers of membership based on how much you spend - I'm on the most basic one because I only just signed up.  Periodically they hold VIP events at one of their stores in NSW, VIC and QLD (I think the other states miss out unfortunately).

I went to 'a must-do Spring Thing' this morning at the QVB store at SEVEN THIRTY AM.  Well.... being the morning person I'm NOT, I rocked up closer to 8...  which is already an accomplishment in itself, trust me.

There was a demonstration on making iced tea with various teas and fruits, and she answered questions people had.  After the demonstration you could roam around eating some yummy scones with T2 jams and honey, and there were also fruit platters.  There were pitchers of various types of iced tea around, and there was even a pot of hot tea with milk for people like me who need a morning hit of caffeine.

There was an abundance of helpful staff around, pouring tea and answering any questions you had. 

I bought a tea strainer as my current one I also got from T2 is made of this rubbery thing and is a bit of a pain in the you know what to use and clean.  On the advice of one of the staff I bought this one:

No fuss she says.  I hope so.

After I made my purchase, they handed me another bag full of goodies.

The goodie bag contained more than I had bought!

Thanks T2!

On a fashion-related note, I'm accidentally matching the T2 orange today.

Asos linen 3/4 sleeve orange blazer, Supre white frill tank, Nudie Tight Long Johns in Flat Blue, Christian Louboutin Numero Prive in Jade Patent

Colourful accessories day:  Rimmel 60 Seconds in Funtime Fuchsia, yellow diamond cocktail ring (not real yellow diamond haha I wish!), Louboutin No Prives, Mimco bow acetate cuff, T&Co midnight titanium band
I'm VERY colourful today.  I think I'm trying to compensate for yesterday being such an awful day (incompetent people, lazy people, food poisoning, bleurgh).

Going for drinks tonight at Ambar at MLC Centre, and then watching Taken 2 on Extreme Screen at Chatswood later.

Are you having a fun Friday?  What have you got planned?


  1. you look so cute!! nudies & louboutins, how could you go wrong! i love t2 and am a member of their club thing but i'm far too tight with my tea spending money so i just buy nerada organics from woolies instead.

    i've got a big weekend ahead but because i like to remain mysterious i don't reveal my plans until sunday night when i blog about them... it's just all part of my charm. xx

    1. I save my T2 tea for the weekend when I can actually be bothered with the strainer!

  2. Wow they actually gave you a teacup? Thats awesome! And all the gifts are so pretty :)

  3. I had no idea that T2 had a membership thing going on. Going to sign up now! thanks for the post


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