Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sculptures by the Sea 2012

This annual event normally signifies summer approaching for me.  Last year when I went it was a scorcher.  Fortunately this year was a fair bit cooler so there were much less crowds which made it more pleasant (can you tell I hate crowds?).  I normally start at the Tamarama end and walk up to Bondi but you can easily do it from Bondi to Tamarama.  I actually started at Bronte this year, then walked up through Tamarama to Bondi.

Bronte beach

Life is short... get it?  ;)
Plastic spoon and fork art

Cat with a turd


I can't say I always get art

My sister hanging out in a sunnies frame

Fishing rods

Sculptures runs til Sunday 4th November so you've still got next weekend to visit if you want.  It's free to visit and a great way to spend a few hours if the weather's good.  There's a fair bit of stair climbing so I wouldn't recommend it to someone who's really unfit.  But really, I did it with no issues, and on a scale from really fit to unfit I hover near the "I can't run more than 5 seconds" mark.


  1. Nice photos! I like the sculptures of the little cats

  2. I went on the weekend and the weather was amazing! lots of fun :)

    1. It was beautiful, wasn't it? Which was your favourite sculpture?


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