Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Louboutin #5 - Purple Bianca - my 'accidental' purchase

Ok I've called this my accidental purchase because in my opinion I bought them accidentally, although many others will disagree with me.

I spotted these babies on eBay for a Buy-It-Now price or Best Offer.  So I submitted my best offer.  I thought the process was that the seller would be notified of my best offer and then agree to accept it or reject it.  I did NOT know that eBay can magically automatically accept your best offer and suddenly after I clicked Submit on my best offer, it told me "Congratulations you have now purchased blah blah blah".

ANYWAY, these are a 35.5 (my TTS) and they give me major heel slippage even AFTER I put heel grips in the back.  I don't feel like they're too big as they fit perfectly in the width and length, but for some reason my heel just won't stay in there.  I might have to go down to a 35 next time and just stretch the crap out of the toebox.  The general recommendation is to go down 1/2 or 1 whole size but obviously this is difficult to do when your TTS is 35.5 and it's almost impossible to go down 1 size.

They're not the easiest to walk in because of the heel slippage.  I also find my toes a little cramped at times in the toebox.  Not sure if I would buy another pair of Biancas - I love the look of them but they just seem ill-fitting on my weird feet.

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