Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The start of a VERY dangerous addiction (with red soles)...

I'll admit it.
I'm addicted.
That red sole.
That skinny stiletto heel.
I can't help myself.

My Louboutin journey started when I was 21 and I bought a pair of black crepe Yoyos with crystal heel off eBay.  They were deliciously pretty but when I got them I couldn't shove my fat feet in them.  My family say I have 'yenjai' feet (yenjai: native person of Papua New Guinea, where I lived for half my life) and they definitely are wide (22cm long x 9cm wide).  I had to get rid of these beautiful shoes.  It was a sad day.

3 years later I thought I'd try again.  By now, the Sydney CL boutique had opened up so I went in there to try a few styles on.  I tried the Pigalle Plato 120 and I foolishly thought it would be the same fit as the Pigalle 120s.  BOY WAS I WRONG.  To date, the Pigalle 120s have been the most painful shoe experience of my life.  I got them off net-a-porter and sized 1/2 size down from my true to size (TTS) and it was still gaping at the back, yet my fat feet were spilling out the sides:

This was my second setback.  After that, I gave up for a few years, deciding that Louboutins were just too narrow for my obese feet.

..... Until I spotted these blue and yellow Architeks on eBay which I had seen on celebrities when they first came out and fell in love with.  I thought I'd give Christian a third and final go.

You know what they say about 3rd time being a charm.

After my faith had been restored in Mr Louboutin I decided to be smarter about my future purchases and actually started using this amazing thing called the internet to do proper research.  I rediscovered the purse forum where I had signed up 5 years ago but never visited, and tPf has helped me SO much.

Anyway, I plan to blog about my Louboutins to help other flat-footed, muffin-top-footed "yenjai feet" ladies out there.


  1. The pigalle's a next on my list! Although i think i might go for the 100's to be more work appropriate... My first pair were the vp's. I love them so much except they've stretched like no one's business and are too hard to walk in now... Is there such a thing as shoe shrinking??

    I've got very narrow thin feet so seem to have the opposite problem to you... x

  2. You have perfect feet for Loubs - I'm so jealous!

    I just bought the Love Me 100s in black patent with the black bow. I'm hoping I can get away with them at work. The Pigalles are such a fantastic classic heel - defs worth the investment.

    I pad the hell out of shoes that are too big. Whole hog - party feet, heel cushions, heel grips :) If they're still too big they go on ebay :)

  3. Those blue and yellow ones are gorgeous!
    That is a rather expensive obsession haha but enjoy. I will live vicariously though you, I don't buy expensive shoes as I ruin them with stomping.

    1. Hahaha stomping. I try not to stomp in Louboutins. It is a very expensive habit but is really useful for alienating your boyfriend.

  4. Stop it.. now i'm starting to obsess too!!!

    1. It's very unhealthy. Remember you have kids to feed! :P

    2. Feeding them is fine, the childcare fees are 2.5pairs each month. URGH.

  5. Oh oh ooooooooh! They are LOVELY! I love the mix of both colours tooo!!!

    I dont like my toes though. I wish there was plastic surgery on toes. Lol

    - KK

    1. I want plastic surgery on my feet too - just chop off my fifth toe so my feet aren't as wide and I can fit shoes normally!


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