Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sennheiser earphones, Vermicelli salad, Missoni for Target

Last night while 98% of Sydney was outside taking photos of the gorgeous sunset I was stuck inside this sun-less office getting reports out.  No pretty sunset pics here but just look at your facebook/instagram/twitter feed.

However yesterday I received my new earphones.  Boy oh boy these are fantastic.  I've always had trouble getting earphones to fit my ears because I have a tragus piercing which means the space in my ear is reduced.  I bought these Sennheiser earphones because they come with 3 different sized ear pieces.  The smallest size is perfect for me!  And the sound quality is amazing - slightly too much bass for my liking but really good at blocking out ambient noise.  You can get them from JB - here and here.

I have seen my cousin make this vermicelli salad and it always looks and smells amazing.  Is anyone interested in the recipe?  I'll need to work out quantities instead of my usual Kay 'chuck it in a pan and cross your fingers' approach.

In fashion news, have you heard about the Missoni collaboration with Target Australia?  8th October it gets released.  I've eyed off Missoni homewares in Myer and balked at the $500 price tag for a small cushion, so I cannot wait for this collaboration.

Weekend get up: Karl Lagerfield blazer, Nudie jeans, Maison Martin Margiela x H&M booties, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Mimco scarf, YSL Arty ring.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Bikram Yoga and 365 days til wedding!

Oh man I am so in love with this thing called bikram yoga.  I haven't felt this positive about exercise since Dance a decade or so ago.  The room is heated to a steamy 40 degrees and you get such an amazing stretch.  In my first class I sat out about 1/2 the class as I wasn't acclimatised to the heat and felt very light-headed.  I also struggled with the long drawn-out breathing exercise as I have very small lung capacity and couldn't handle long breaths.

I'm quite surprised how quickly my body has adjusted.  My second class was immediately better and I only 'rested' for about 2 minutes in the entire 90-minute class.  I drank considerably less water and felt less suffocated and tired throughout.  A few classes later I'm finding myself able to push myself in the stretches and get a much deeper stretch than before.

In other news, last Friday was 365 days until I get hitched!  Now the countdown is on...  Is anyone interested in the DIY stuff I'm doing for the wedding?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Another week in my wardrobe

Monday I started the week BRIGHT and early ;)
Sheike dress, Prada pumps

Tuesday I had a meeting with a very senior Exec so it was black blazer day.
Forever New blazer, Diane von Furstenberg silk blouse, Karl Lagerfield pants, Prada pumps

Wednesday.  Hump day.  Nothing exciting here.
River Island navy shirt, Uniqlo pants, Prada pumps, Kikki K scissors necklace

Thursday I wore pink in an effort to cheer myself up.  And it worked!
Marcs pink blazer, Oxford black skirt, Sheike white blouse with black collar, Christian Louboutin Corneille

Friday I dressed as casually as I could get away with, without wearing jeans.
Random stripey top from Amsterdam, J Crew cotton twill pants, Christian Louboutin Love Me pumps

Monday, 21 July 2014

[Insert depressing current affairs headline here]

Recent devastations across the globe have really made me appreciate what I have.

A comfortable life with loving family and friends in a country that is not at war.  It puts into perspective my work situation (we call them #firstworldproblems) and makes me grateful that I am employed and taking home money.

It just sickens me that anyone can shoot at a plane, knowing that any lives (whether it's a commercial flight or not) will be lost.  The stories of Aussies on board who have lost their lives makes it hit home and it is even sadder to learn a lot of the Aussies on board were educators.

I also feel for Malaysian Airlines.  I don’t think you could fault them for the MH17 flight, although their blame for MH370 is contentious given we still don’t know what happened to the plane.  I personally believe these incidents could have happened to almost any of the commercial airlines and they are unlucky enough to be hit twice in a 6 month period.  I have flown Malaysian Air before and have to say they are one of the best airlines I have flown with.

Meanwhile on Australian soil, this past weekend was the #RiseForAlex round of the NRL.  The support shown to this young man who is struggling to learn to walk again after a horrific tackle is completely overwhelming.  I made the trip up to Newcastle for the Knights vs Titans game and the sense of community and support was amazing.  Alex himself teared up a number of times before and during the game; even I did when the crowd gave him a standing ovation and chanted his name.  The latest I heard, they had raised $1.1M for this young man which is just incredible.

Alex McKinnon is in the wheelchair standing next to Knights captain Kurt Gidley.

Sorry, I don't mean to be all doom and gloom.  I'll be back next time for lighter topics :)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

I call it binge shopping

and it's almost as dangerous as binge eating.

Mimco Sportivo navy scarf

Seed Poppy tan ankle boots

Mimco scarf + Seed booties

Sporting my sister's baggy jumper and playing with my Maison Martin Margiela x H&M booties.  They look so much more chic on A Minute Away from Snowing:

 Oh how can I forget Lover??

 Lover Jungle dress

 Lover 3D star skirt

 Marc by Marc Jacobs Luna skirt

Maximising personal time

I've really been maximising my personal time and making the most of every hour of the weekends due to frustrations in my working life.

Last weekend started with a portugese tart on Friday night and I knew it was going to be a good weekend.

On Saturday morning I was up early to do my first ever Bikram Yoga class with my sister.  Oh boy is it hard!  The heat just slaps you in the face and I got light-headed and dizzy so took it easy (first exercise class in what, 3 years!) and was dripping in sweat afterwards but you know what?  I felt absolutely fantastic afterwards and will be going back tonight.

I ducked over to Birkenhead Point to use a Mimco voucher I had and picked up a pair of boots at the same time (photos coming), then went back to my parents place to have a chinwag with the folks and taste test these delicious Chocolate and Salted Caramel cupcakes my sister made.  I may have eaten 3.  I may not have.  You be the judge.

Saturday night was AFL night and we watched the Swans win their 12th consecutive game.  I never thought I would say this but Buddy Franklin has turned out to be a good buy (although $1M/season is still obscene).  It was bloody freezing at the match so as soon as we got home I made some oats with brown sugar, flaxseed and chia seeds.  YUM.

Sunday was as jam-packed as the day before it.  I had breakfast with a dear friend who always puts me in a good mood, then swung by Kirribilli Markets on my way home to visit my cousin who had a stall there.  Had some downtime at home before getting dolled up for a wedding at Sergeants Mess which was absolutely stunning.

Lover Jungle dress, Christian Louboutin Maggie pumps, Chanel handbag, "run GHD through hair for 20 seconds" hair, YSL Arty and Oroton watch.

Only 1.5 days left til this weekend!!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Failed shopping ban

After I put myself on a shopping ban (a mere 21 days ago) I returned a lot of stuff out of guilt.  Then as the refunds started rolling in I thought, maybe I do have extra funds I can play with....  so I bought a Kathmandu down jacket because it was on sale for $100 down from $280 and the sale was ending that day (which meant of course I had to buy it)!  Then I got sucked into yet another NAP sale purchase - some Lover items and a MBMJ skirt.

Then it was pretty much a free-for-all from then on.  A Mimco scarf, some Seed booties, a new Petites brand from the US I discovered (The Loft Petite), why not grab some Sephora goodies while I'm at it, oooh those boots I've been looking for forever on eBay and IN MY SIZE, I think I need a thermos to keep my food warm, blah blah blah.

I have discovered what my problem is.  When I'm unhappy with some part of my life, I shop.  I shop to make myself feel momentarily better; I literally shop my troubles away.  I haven't been happy with my work situation.  It started off fine, 4 months ago, and recently has turned horrible.  My job description has changed drastically and has become a role I am completely disinterested in (not to mention over-qualified for).  Every single hour is a struggle and I leave at the end of each day mentally and emotionally drained.

People are leaving all around me and I feel like I owe it to myself to stick it out, despite my unhappiness.  I feel like it's a reflection on me that I've had 2 awful work situations back to back even though I know that is not the case.

Right now I'm stuck between wanting to see out this contract (2.5 months) and wanting to be happy and having positive mental/emotional health.  In the meantime I shall shop!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

New fridge Saturday

On Saturday I had a big nesting day.  It was triggered by the arrival of a new fridge to finally replace our old+noisy "Fridgey" (affectionately named by Tom).

Fridgey came to us second hand (possibly third or forth hand but I tried not to think about it) as we had just moved into a sharehouse and we didn't want to buy a brand spankin new fridge since we lived with 5 guys in the house.  7 months later while we were travelling throughout the US on a 4-week holiday, we received notice from the landlord that they were returning to the country and would move back into their house.  A manic few weeks of open houses ensued and we snapped up an apartment on a 3-day turnaround and moved that weekend.  No time to think about a new fridge.

Then 6 months ago we were travelling through South America on another 4-week trip and guess what - we got notice the owner was intending to sell.  Not only did we have to allow people through to inspect the apartment weekly but we had to find a new place to live.  This time we had a bit more time up our sleeves but with Christmas coming up and busy jobs we again failed to find time.

Toms's always had a soft spot for Fridgey.  While I found Fridgey's late night gurgles annoying, Tom found them endearing.  Finally Tom's brother decided to offload his almost brand new fridge and we I jumped at it. We haven't named her yet (I fear it may be too soon for Tom) but she has been great so far.

The crisper is slightly cooler than the rest of the fridge, the inbuilt wine rack has already been put to good use; there is a 'quick freeze' compartment in the freezer, an in-built ice tray.  The temperature is controlled from the outside and she is whisper quiet.

I spent some time 'setting up' my new fridge and realised just how little food we were able to fit in Fridgey.  Half-full for Fridgey was almost bare for the new fridge (new fridge is double the size of Fridgey).  I'm sure I will fill it in no time!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

A week in my wardrobe

Forever New green blouse, Karl Lagerfield white stripe pants, Prada patent pumps 

Burberry trench, Sheike dress, turkish silk necklace from Buenos Aires, Asos stockings, Bloch ballet flats

Loft Petites jumper, Chanel necklace, Marcs green coat, Uniqlo pants

New Look Petites polka dot blouse, Marcs blue pants, Christian Louboutin Corneille, Diva necklace

Random r&w stripe top from Amsterdam, Nudie jeans, Seed boots, Mimco scarf, Marcs grey coat