Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Introducing..... my new Chanel

I got a far larger than expected tax refund from the ATO so splurged a little on a new Chanel wallet as my current wallet is a bit old and worn.  I wanted the caviar leather as it's a lot more durable than lambskin (although Chanel calls caviar leather 'grained calfskin').

The caviar leather looks like it's got a subtle sheen to it which I really like.  The Chanel logo is gold whereas all previous wallets with the same metal logo are silver.  The interior leather also has a subtle sheen to it and looks like a metallic burgundy instead of the normal burgundy that they have been using for years (which IMO is a bit ugly).

Blah blah blah enough talking, here she is - my Chanel Yen wallet in black caviar with gold hardware :)

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Another week, another weekend

and a busy one at that! (am beginning to think I actually have ADD as I can't seem to sit still for longer than an hour or two, but that's another issue...)

On Saturday, Tom and his friend D wanted to play some guitars.  When Tom tells me he wants to 'play' some guitars he actually means he wants to 'buy' some guitars.  I told him he couldn't buy a new guitar without getting rid of one of his existing guitars.  Mainly because we have NO ROOM in our apartment to put another guitar.  He stores 4 under our bed, then 2 resting against his desk drawers (SUPER annoying when you need to access said drawers) and then another 2 permanently reside on the floor of our dining area.

Sass & Bide white jeans, Forever New silk tank, tan belt I stole from my Mum, Mimco bow cuff, Diva ring and Michael Kors watch

While they played (but didn't buy) guitars, I popped down to the bank to discuss fixing part of my interest rate.  After waiting in line for 45 minutes I was told I could do this over the phone and was promptly handed a piece of paper with a phone number on it.  Annoying?  Yes.  BTW what are people's thoughts on fixing?  Do it?  Don't do it?  Why?  Why not?

We grabbed lunch and then dropped into Aldi for our weekly grocery shop.  I love Aldi.  But that's another blogpost.

We got home in time for Tom to watch the Swans lose :(  I then went to dinner with one of my best friends.  S is one of those friends you can sit and chat to for hours on end - and chat we did.  I got home at 11:30pm I think, after meeting her at 7pm for dinner!

Forever New casual blouse, Forever New leather skirt, Tony Bianco Santana ankle boots, Lovisa necklace
Absolutely love this bridge!!

NEED a chandelier like this in my house!

S surprised me with this random present.  No it's not my birthday and no it's not Christmas, I just have an awesome friend!!  It's a BPA-free water bottle because I don't drink enough water, and it's PINK!  And it has the cutest tag on it.

Sunday I took Tom to a bakery I'd been to with S previously.  He loved it!

The fig and mascarpone muffin (top right) was absolutely amazing!

The rest of Sunday Funday was spent at my parents', running through our South America itinerary and playing with the dogs.  My Dad cooked up an amazing feast - imitation Kentucky fried chicken, eye fillet steak with mushroom sauce, roast potatoes and side of veggies.

Suddenly it was Sunday night again and I was getting ready for work on Monday!  This weekend looks a lot less busy than my past few weeks - hoping it stays that way!

PS - 15 days to go!!!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Magnum pop-up store

Live blog from the line for the Magnum pop-up store...

3:59 joined the end of the THIRD line. Really? 3 lines? How long will I last?
4:00 made friends with the girl next to me because we'll probably be here for the next 2 hrs
4:10 ex workmates came to say hi and take pity on me. I pity me too. How long will I last?
4:21 Magnum chick walks around asking if it's everyone's first time. Yes it is. And why aren't you at the store making Magnums? I'm sure the line would move faster!
4:30 made it to the front of the third queue. Score!
4:31 chatting to the security guard to relieve boredom. He estimates it will be an hour from the back of the second queue. He'd also glad he's not working on the weekend (the pop-up store closes on Sunday). I don't blame him

4:35 my queue buddy has bailed. She has a life.
4:45 a few other ex work colleagues are visiting, one is keeping me company a while and telling me all about her impending wedding. Her dress is stunning. Her theme is black, white and bright pink! I will need to get advice from her when I get married
4:56 chicks in front of me just bailed. Score! Or are they the smart ones? What is the meaning of life?
5:04 wedding friend also has a life and has bailed
5:06 made it to the front of the second queue! That *only* took an hour. Kill me.
5:15 I'm finally in the first and shortest queue. I've reached a milestone. I'd like to thank my queue buddy, my ex colleagues who came to visit, my parents for always believing in me...

5:21 chick with a dozen Zumbarons is in the line. Surely that's enough sweets for you today? Why are you being so selfish?! I'm becoming delirious. What day is it again?
5:34 we have a pusher. We have a pusher. WE HAVE A PUSHER, PEOPLE! oh wait she was just chatting to her friend who was in the line. I need to calm down. My back is so sore and my feet are killing me.
5:41 hang on a minute I'm almost there... See you on the other side!

5:54 I've made it! I'm still alive! I love ice cream Nomnomnom

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Help me pack!!

I'm now in full planning mode for South America.  I've printed off all the documents I need and writing up my packing list.  Speaking of which, here it is: (I'm packing for all 4 seasons and 4 weeks)


  • Thick, warm jacket
  • Thin jacket
  • Leggings
  • 1 cardigan
  • 2 long shorts
  • 1 skirt?
  • 4  long-sleeved tees
  • 1 jumper
  • 4 short-sleeved tees
  • 2 pairs jeans
  • 1 pair loose pants
  • 4 dresses
  • 2 singlets
  • Pashmina/scarf/wrap
  • 4 pairs sock
  • 10 pairs undies
  • Rain poncho
  • 2 bikinis
  • 1 kaftan
  • PJs
  • Dress for wedding
  • Nike Frees
  • Havaianas
  • Ballet flats?
  • Shoes for wedding
What do you think?  Too many of something and not enough of something else?  I have a tendency to underpack (yes UNDERpack) and I often end up with not enough clothes to cycle through.  Wondering if one cardigan, one jumper, one thick jacket and one thin jacket is sufficient?  Do I also need a blazer?  Ballet flats or no ballet flats?  Worth bringing a skirt?  Will I wear it?


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

21 days til...

I am on one of these things

Spending my days here, looking out onto Copacabana Beach

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Sadly, I do not visit Ikea as often as I would like.  I took a friend there on Sunday as she is moving from a furnished apartment to an unfurnished apartment and needed to stock up on almost everything.  Obviously I took the opportunity to pick up some things since I was there anyway.  I also took the opportunity to gorge on Sewdish meatballs and almond cakes.  I also bookmarked some things I need to purchase when we have a bigger apartment/house.

NEED a sewing machine.  Maybe not this one - it looks like a toy

Pull out shelving with clear jars!!
I need this bin!  Not to be a bin but to be a toilet paper holder (I buy TP in bulk because I'm lazy but then have nowhere to put spare rolls)
 Lunch time!  I resisted the urge to get a 75c cinnamon scroll because I had already loaded my plate with Swedish meatballs, salt and pepper squid, and an almond cake with chocolate butterscotch!

Was VERY restrained and only purchased the following (we NEEDED everything except the thermos).

Monday, 19 August 2013

Been slack with outfit posts

In between work, headaches, work and sleep I haven't had much time to plan outfits, nor take photos of said outfits.  In the past 3 weeks I've only managed x 'decent' outfits (as I'm usually otherwise sporting a work uniform of jeans+tee or jeans+jumper).  And sadly, half of the photos below have been from various weekends when I have a second or two to think about what I'm slopping on!

L: Channelling a French chic
R: More stripes

L: Tommy Hilfiger scarf I picked up in NYC last year - love argyle print
R: WHITE JEANS eek.  For many many years I thought I was too curvy to wear white jeans but I've figured as long as I wear a long-ish top, I can make it work

 L: I love my unicorn blouse!  One of my faves!!
R: Also loving black and grey polka dots after I missed out on the Sass&Bide version and the Country Road version is too big.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

FINALLY got my butt to Grounds of Alexandria

While 80,000 people were running the City2Surf last weekend, I was stuffing my face with delicious coffee and food (nothing new).

So I finally got around to visiting the Grounds of Alexandria on Sunday.  Let me warn you - there are lines for EVERYTHING.  There's a line to get a buzzer which entitles you to join an even bigger line to get a table.  And while you're waiting to be seated, they have a takeaway coffee cart outside which you also have to line up for, and once you have placed your takeaway coffee order, they put you in the line for your coffee to be made.  30 other takeaway coffees later they call your name to collect your coffee.

You can tell I hate waiting.  This guy on the other hand.... all smiles...

But they've set up the Grounds to keep you occupied whilst you wait for a table.  There are lemonade carts, flower carts, cured meats and cheese carts, pastry tarts, freshly baked bread carts, and pet roosters and a pig (Hi Kevin!).  Staff walk around with samples of sourdough bread and their amazing jam.  There are jumping castles and kids play areas if you have little ones.

They had estimated an hour and a half wait (yes 90 minutes) but our buzzer went off after an hour and we were promptly seated.  Can I just say the service here is impeccable.  Wait staff were friendly and attentive without being overbearing.  I ordered the Breakfast Board and Tom ordered the Breakfast Burger.  Oh em gee.  I'm not fond of tomatoes but I couldn't stop eating the tomato salsa.

Everything was just so fresh.  The tomatoes tasted like they had just been picked from the garden as I placed my order.  The pesto was super tasty and the feta was to die for.  Both eggs were beautifully poached and the sourdough bread was divine.  Coffee was delicious as was the pear, apple and mint juice!

We were heading to my parents' for dinner so grabbed some of their delicious-looking pastries to take to my parents'.  It was SO hard to pick just 6 of these pastries but I managed (yes I am proud of myself).

Spot the one that overheated and fell over in the car...

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Baking bread - you are my Everest

I mentioned on Monday that I'll happily spend $50 on baked goods.  Reason being I have never been able to successfully bake decent bread myself.  I haven't worked out why but bread is my Everest.  Most other things I am capable of baking.  I think it's the yeast that trips me up.  Or the proofing.  I have no patience for proofing.

Well yesterday work sent me home after 2 hours (something about spreading my germs around cough cough).  I've been sick for almost a week and not improving at all.  Anyway I digress....

I'd like to announce that I successfully made a cinnamon pull-apart loaf yesterday!  You can find the recipe here so I won't copy and paste it, but I highly recommend listening to her tips, mainly these 2:

  1. Reduce the sugar in the filling part of the recipe to 3/4 cup. I had so much extra sugar left over, I sprinkled all of it over the top creating a toothaching sweet outer crust.
  2. Don't add too much flour to the sticky dough, it's meant to be sticky. My loaf turned out a lot denser than it should have been since I continually added flour to prevent it from sticky while I was kneading it.
Anyway, this is how mine looked along the way...

The calm before the storm

Sticky... really sticky

Try to use as little flour as possible - just enough to roll it out without having it stick to the bench

I've made a right hot mess

Melted butter brushed onto dough

The best bit - cinnamon sugar layer!!

Chop chop chop

Laid into a loaf tray

After it's proofed for a further 30 mins
 And 30 minutes in the oven gives you...

Oh it's so damn good.  I cut the amount of sugar from 1 cup to 3/4 but next time I'll cut it further to 2/3.  The bread is so light and fluffy - a vast improvement from my previous attempts.  I think the trick was not to over-flour as I was rolling it out (something I was guilty of doing previously).  Maybe next time I'll also substitute half the flour for wholemeal flour?