Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Another week, another weekend

and a busy one at that! (am beginning to think I actually have ADD as I can't seem to sit still for longer than an hour or two, but that's another issue...)

On Saturday, Tom and his friend D wanted to play some guitars.  When Tom tells me he wants to 'play' some guitars he actually means he wants to 'buy' some guitars.  I told him he couldn't buy a new guitar without getting rid of one of his existing guitars.  Mainly because we have NO ROOM in our apartment to put another guitar.  He stores 4 under our bed, then 2 resting against his desk drawers (SUPER annoying when you need to access said drawers) and then another 2 permanently reside on the floor of our dining area.

Sass & Bide white jeans, Forever New silk tank, tan belt I stole from my Mum, Mimco bow cuff, Diva ring and Michael Kors watch

While they played (but didn't buy) guitars, I popped down to the bank to discuss fixing part of my interest rate.  After waiting in line for 45 minutes I was told I could do this over the phone and was promptly handed a piece of paper with a phone number on it.  Annoying?  Yes.  BTW what are people's thoughts on fixing?  Do it?  Don't do it?  Why?  Why not?

We grabbed lunch and then dropped into Aldi for our weekly grocery shop.  I love Aldi.  But that's another blogpost.

We got home in time for Tom to watch the Swans lose :(  I then went to dinner with one of my best friends.  S is one of those friends you can sit and chat to for hours on end - and chat we did.  I got home at 11:30pm I think, after meeting her at 7pm for dinner!

Forever New casual blouse, Forever New leather skirt, Tony Bianco Santana ankle boots, Lovisa necklace
Absolutely love this bridge!!

NEED a chandelier like this in my house!

S surprised me with this random present.  No it's not my birthday and no it's not Christmas, I just have an awesome friend!!  It's a BPA-free water bottle because I don't drink enough water, and it's PINK!  And it has the cutest tag on it.

Sunday I took Tom to a bakery I'd been to with S previously.  He loved it!

The fig and mascarpone muffin (top right) was absolutely amazing!

The rest of Sunday Funday was spent at my parents', running through our South America itinerary and playing with the dogs.  My Dad cooked up an amazing feast - imitation Kentucky fried chicken, eye fillet steak with mushroom sauce, roast potatoes and side of veggies.

Suddenly it was Sunday night again and I was getting ready for work on Monday!  This weekend looks a lot less busy than my past few weeks - hoping it stays that way!

PS - 15 days to go!!!


  1. I think interest rates may drop a little lower, and stay low for one or two years. IF you're fixing for more than 2 years then it's worth it, otherwise, it's gonna be marginally better off not to fix? That's just my take on it, I am no economist.

    1. Thanks for your opinion E. I keep changing my mind about what I want to do. I'm now contemplating term deposits. Or I should sit tight and keep my money in my account because it offsets my home loan... Decisions decisions

  2. Ooh bottle twins! I have a pink Kor Delta though


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