Travel Bucket List

Below is a list of places I've always wanted to visit (or have already visited).  As I visit each place and do a post I will link them below.

Argentina, Buenos Aires [ football / buenos aires / random facts / food / economy ]
Austria, Vienna
Belgium, Bruges / Brussels
Cambodia - Phnom Penh / Siem Reap
Copenhagen, Denmark
Croatia, Dubrovnik / Hvar / Split
Czech Republic, Prague
France, Paris / Monaco
Germany, Berlin
Greece, Santorini
Hungary, Budapest
Italy, Amalfi Coast / Cinque Terre / Florence / Rome / Venice
Netherlands, Amsterdam
Portugal, Lisbon / Porto
Morocco, Marrakesh
Peru, Cusco / Lima [ cooking class / peruvian food / machu picchu / cusco ]
Spain, Barcelona / San Sebastian
Sweden, Stockholm
Turkey, Cappadocia / Istanbul
United Arab Emirates - Dubai / Abu Dhabi


  1. Great buckets lists Kay.
    Not sure which lists these would fit under:

    - Go to the Venice Carnival in Italy, decked in full costume.

    - Take a drive through the Pyrenees with some friends, preferrably in a zippy sports car if that's your thing. There are lovely scenic routes with gorgeous villages that can be used as pit stops where the food is coma inducing.

    - If you're into Downtown Abbey, make a list of English Country Houses you may want to see. The history behind them is fascinating. My favourite is Howard House.

    - Chelsea annual flower show.


    1. I'll be honest BB those masks scare me :S

      Love the idea of driving through the Pyrenees though. And I will definitely be there for the Chelsea annual flower show. Is it similar to Floriade in Canberra?

  2. Great list of places. I've been to nearly all of them. I would add - Santorini, Greek Islands but other than that all my main faves are covered.

    1. I totally did not mean to exclude Santorini - that definitely should be on there. Thanks for the reminder!

      I can't believe you've been to pretty much all those places - that's very impressive.

    2. Did a LOT of travelling when I lived in london and have been back a couple of times for holidays. Have a ball. My absolute faves other than Santorini are San Sebastian, Barcelona, Prague, Venice, Cinque Terra, Berlin.

      The one place I havent been which I am dying to go to is the Almafi Coast :)

    3. I'll let you know what the Amalfi Coast is like if/when I go there ;)

  3. Cappadocia in Turkey for a sunrise hot air balloon, absolutely one of the best things I've done travelling. So worth the trek there.

    Munich is one of my fave Euro cities, Berlin for the cool for sure but Munich is gorgeous also.

    For London:
    - Tate Modern, even if you're not into galleries it's just the coolest space
    - Borough market for all of the foods
    - Brick Lane for cool dude hipster hangouts and great casual bars
    - Tower of London is touristy but I LOVED it and the Beefeater guides
    - if you watch Made In Chelsea go to all the places they drink on the show :)
    - Spitafields market is really cool and there were lots of great little boutique shops around

    1. Turkey hot air balloon was actually on my list but I forgot to add it up there!!

      Will definitely visit as many markets as possible while I'm there. I watched a documentary on the Tower of London on the weekend and am keen to visit :)


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