Monday, 24 March 2014

New kid on the block

Yep it's 12:26am and I'm writing a post from my bedsince Tom is interstate for a wedding so I'm not bothering anyone by having my bedside light on.

First week of work has been full on. I pretty much hit the ground running without much of an introduction or warm up period. I guess that's what happens when you have tight deadlines and not enough butts in seats. I worked 11 hour days twice in my first week already but I don't mind since it's still a much healthier working environment for me than my previous place. I'd almost forgotten the feeling of opening a stationery cupboard myself and picking out what I need instead of having to ask the lady with the stationery cupboard key every time I wanted one pen.

I even managed to walk home one arvo after work which was good exercise. Am planning to do the walk home more often. This means you will get to see more pics like this:

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Do you meal plan?

I decided to do a meal plan for next week as I'm starting a new job and I'm sure the last thing I will want to do after a long day is think about and make dinner.

This is what my meal plan looks like:
Monday - pork + rice stuffed capsicums with mint yoghurt
Tuesday - lebanese chicken with freekeh
Wednesday - dukkah chicken
Thursday - crab and vermicelli noodle soup
Friday - panko prawns with kale/quinoa salad

I like to choose a combination of meals where I can reuse ingredients because one of my pet peeves is food wastage.  Herbs are the worst offender - a whole bunch just for a sprinkle??

Tonight I tackled the lebanese chicken with freekeh as it takes longer than I care to cook on a weeknight.  I'm using freekeh for the first time - it's a wholegrain which looks/tastes similar to brown rice except it's thicker and less chewy than brown rice.  They used it on MKR last season and I've been keen to try it out.

I've cleverly made enough for 2 meals so all I have to do on Tuesday night is reheat.

Do you meal plan every week?  Where do you get meal inspiration from?

Friday, 14 March 2014

Work wardrobe shopping.

Of course I'm going to shop for new work clothes due to my impending new job.  Duh!

Left: Diane von Furstenberg silk-blend dress
Right: T by Alexander Wang wrap skirt.  Haven't worked out whether it's work-appropriate yet 

 Sheike Braveheart dress

 Sheike Quantum dress

Sass & Bide The Drive Home pants

 Sheike Free Spirit skirt

 Sheike Animal shirt

Forever New shirt

Healthy savoury muffins + panko chicken

I've been ticking things off my "enjoy unemployment" list before I start back.  This means a few trips to the beach while we still have summer sun, walks down to the harbour, sleep ins, shopping (next post), etc.

I've also been spending a bit more time in the kitchen because I'm sure I'll be restricted to "can I cook this with minimal mess in less than 30 minutes?" dinners soon.

A few days ago I decided to clear out all the veggies from my fridge and make healthy savoury muffins.  YUM!  I used this recipe but in true Kay fashion I was a bit more liberal with the salt and added different veggies but it was still delish (and a MUCH healthier snack than Tom's usual gummi bears/Chicken Crimpy shaped).

Inspired by Ling and her amazing panko prawns, I decided to get some panko action going.  Silly fiance didn't want prawns but wanted chicken so Kay attempted to make panko chicken nuggets.  Nowhere near as amazing as I'm sure prawns would have been but still worth making+eating.

For the record, leftover panko chicken is rubbish.  Fry and eat immediately!!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hello Lover.

In January I bought the Lover Horizon dress on sale because who can afford $1,500 on a party dress?!?!?  I wore it over the weekend to a wedding I attended.  I am hardly ever dressed in so much black so I decided fuchsia heels and lips were required.

Such a beautiful piece to wear and very comfortable as the lace has stretch to it.

Stuffing my face with a quiche before the ceremony.  Don't judge.
I'm going to wait til sale time to see if I can pick up another Lover piece.  $1500 for one dress is just crazytown.

Thursday, 6 March 2014


On Monday, my first day of unpaid unemployment, I was offered a job.  I accepted the offer yesterday and I start next week.  I'm actually going back to a former employer and to a former office but a different division.  I'm excited but nervous at the same time, as I'll be working closely with the company CIO which means I need more corporate clothes into my wardrobe (any excuse to shop, right?)


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Birthday vouchers

Birthday means shopping vouchers.  It's a happy time of year for me.

Kikki K gives you a $10 when it's your day of birth.  I used it to buy a sterling silver necklace with scissors pendant.  Retail was $80 I think, down to $40 and I paid $10 for it.

Mimco gives you $30 on your birthday and a week before my birthday they gave $50 to everyone to celebrate Mimco's 18th birthday so I had $80 up my sleeve.  My sister went to Birkenhead Point and scored an awesome tan handbag for $49 after she used her vouchers.  I went for the pink scarf and pink coin purse.

I got my free birthday Chatime but couldn't fit in a Boost as well.  What other birthday vouchers are out there??

While I was in Melbourne I visited the Uniqlo popup store and walked out with 2 merino wool jumpers.  Fuchsia and black.  I'm going through a fuchsia phase (am I ever NOT??!).  The xs is slightly too big for me but a few mins in the dryer will fix that.  They were giving out free camisoles or mens tees with each purchase.

And picked up these super cute Little Miss undies from Peter Alexander for half price.


I spent my 28th annual day of birth down in Melbourne this year.  It was great.  Except for the hotel pillow which was a piece of sht.  I hate hotel pillows.  I would bring my own pillow everywhere with me if I could.  And no I'm not rich enough to stay in a hotel that has a pillow menu haha, although I'm sure that would solve a lot of my problems.

We had breakfast at Operator25 BOTH mornings because the coffee was just amazing.  So I had 2 bowls of it.  And then I ate some food.  That was also amazing.

We visited the National Gallery of Victoria which had a great exhibition called Melbourne Now.

Ok please hold your judgement, but the first time I ate laksa was 2 years ago in Melbourne.  We happened across this random Laksa Bar and every time I visit Melbourne I have to make a trip to Laksa Bar.  I'm told it's not authentic laksa but rather a bastardised Westernised version.  Maybe that's why I like it!

Aaand of course, no trip to Melbourne is complete without a morning at DFO.  Sometimes I walk struggle out of there with too many bags but this time I actually didn't buy much.  The stock is so much better than the DFO in Sydney although they've done Sydney DFO up lately and I'm yet to visit.

I did, however visit the Uniqlo popup store.  I fell in love with Uniqlo a few years ago in NYC and just had to pay a visit.  Obviously I was expecting exhorbitant pricing but I was pleasantly surprised.

I picked up 2 ultra fine merino wool jumpers for $39.90 each.  More on that in another post.

Aaaand that's it.  Thanks for having me Melbourne!!