Monday, 30 June 2014

DIY dukkah

You can buy a small box of dukkah from Coles for $3.60


You can make it yourself for about 1/4 of the cost (gram for gram).

I googled a dukkah recipe, bought the spices (some of which I already had at home) and chucked it in a spice grinder.

I used probably 1/3 of each packet above to make a decent amount of dukkah.

SO delish!!!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Spring cleaning in blogland

I have FINALLY decided to set aside some time to actually pay attention and spend time on my blog.  I got rid of that awful awful rainbow background (why did no one reprimand me for that??) and streamlined the million things I had in the column to the right.  I can't believe how long I left it in that awful state.  I'm 28 for crying out loud; rainbows are for 5 year olds (maybe it was a reflection of my mental age?)

It's still a WIP as I plan to make a graphic banner and streamline the colours (you know you have OCD when you can't sleep at 1am because you're thinking about the slightly different shades of pink you have on your blog).  I'm also going to do some interesting HTML stuff to jazz this page up.

I also moved the blogs I was following from blogger to bloglovin and was saddened to find so many blogs are now retired.  I'm glad some bloggers are still blogging but the vast majority have moved on.  The honeymoon is well and truly over!

Any feedback on the blog facelift?  Anything you absolutely hate?

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Vivid Sydney 2014

Crowds are not a good place for short people.  This year I did a cursory walk through Circular Quay but got sick of it very quickly and spent more time in McMahons Points, Kirribilli, and Lavender Bay where there weren't masses and masses of people.