Friday, 6 September 2013

Bad Day.

I hope you'll let me be a bit self-indulgent for the next 5 minutes.

To be frank, I had a stinker of a day.  I've had a really REALLY busy few weeks at work (so busy that I may have sat alone, in the dark, one night, crying about the amount of work I had to do).  Anyway moving on...

I have a never-ending list of errands to run before I leave for South America.  Get US dollars, pick passports up from the Brazilian Consulate-General, pack suitcase, etc etc.  Today I really needed to leave work in time to get to the second nearest Post Office to send a mobile phone to a man in Italy who doesn't speak English (long story, don't ask).

At 1:12pm I get an email from my landlord.  The owners want to sell the apartment.  They are holding the first open inspection in fourteen days.  When I won't be in the country.  Great.  A certain amount of panic sets in while I frantically call my boyfriend to inform him of the great news.  But I can't speak for long because I'm about to head into a 2 hour meeting (on a Friday afternoon, yes).  Upon freeing myself from the tiny meeting room with no fresh air, I found my desk in complete shambles.  My work colleague had (accidentally) smashed my monitor and keyboard, and spilled water all over the documents on my desk.  In his defence it was a legitimate accident - he had knocked a whiteboard over my monitor and hence said mess.

I ran out of the office because I wouldn't handle dealing with my desk, or anything else.  I needed to get to the Post Office.  On the way to the Post Office I managed to trip down a few steps (awesome work Kay) and get followed by a large man with excessive BO.

After mailing the phone, I bought myself a red velvet cupcake to cheer myself up and promptly took myself to the train station.  I'm brushing past the fact that the next 3 trains didn't go to my station and that when I finally got on one, another large man decided to sit next to me on a seat which he really did not fit onto.

I've come home and packed all my expensive shoes away because I'm going to store them at my neighbour/friend who also happens to be a Voguette and lives about 10 seconds from me in the same apartment building (thanks M for offering to look after my babies for me!) And yes I don't have home and contents insurance and no I don't want to be lectured on it!

I'm crossing my fingers that we don't have to vacate the apartment in the four weeks that we are away because I think it'd be hard to move when you're not in the country.

And now I'm off to pack!

Thanks for listening, the next post will be much happier (probably about Vogue Fashion Night which I went to last time and had a fab time!)


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Black and white

I was looking back through my fashion purchases from the past few months and there is a definite black and white theme going on...

Eeeek.  What is happening to me??!  I'm usually quite a colourful dresser.  What have you bought lately?