Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ksubi for Target kids range

I am not at all ashamed to say I sometimes shop in the kiddies section of Target.  Actually, I feel like a bit of a creep wandering the aisles of the kids section with no kids in tow.... I just pretend I'm buying for the make-believe kids I don't have....

In actual fact, I find kids sizing better for me since most of the time Target and Kmart don't go down to a size 6.  I'm generally a womens 6 in bottoms and womens 6-8 in tops, and I wear a girls 12 in bottoms and girls 12-14 in tops.

I'd wanted to have a look at Ksubi for Target kids range when it first came out but it wasn't available at my local Target so I kinda forgot about it... until I was on the Target website looking at their below cost sale and stumbled across Ksubi for Target ON SALE.  Hooray!

I picked all these up for $33.35

 Black Drip Print Tank by ksubi Kid For Target - $3.84

 Foil Denim Mini Skirt by ksubi Kid For Target - $13.14*

 Re-Hash Jeans by ksubi Kid For Target - $16.37*

* these 2 items have actually dropped to $4.83 each since I bought them 

Best of all is they have a Click + Collect facility where you buy online and save shipping costs by picking up from your nominated Target - brilliant.  Picked up my parcel today and tried the items on.


They are much thinner than normal Ksubi quality, but for these ridiculous prices I'm not about to complain.  I got a size 14 tank top and as you can see it's too big.  I really like the fit of the jeans and skirt though. I could have possibly gone down to a size 10 jeans and skirt but I'd rather be comfy.

All prices for the Ksubi for Target range are down to $4.83 or less so if you're a size 6-possibly 10 you might be interested!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

SALE: Forever New, Priceline, Peter Alexander, Forcast, Target, Saba, Pilgrim, Glassons

Oh my gosh Australia has suddenly exploded with a million sales going on...

Forever New has 24% off storewide (including sale items) til 6pm today.  Get on it.  I did - this was the result:

I know there's an unusually high number of black items, especially for me!

If you haven't heard about the Priceline sale, you might be living under a rock with no access to the world wide webs.  It's 40% off ALL cosmetics.  Cr-zazy.  I was restrained.

My HG top coat, Essence peach glitter nail polish for one dollar something, L'Oreal bright pink gloss to replace my current one which is old, and also bought an Australis Glitter polish yesterday

Peter Alexander has 40% off selected items, ends 7pm tonight.

Forcast has an extra 40% off sale items.  Prices as marked.

Von Follies (Dita Von Teese's line) at Target is all at least half price.  I didn't buy anything because frankly I don't need anymore underwear and I rarely never wear nice/fancy lingerie these days - it's all about comfort and cotton for me!!

In the spirit of Anzac Day, Asos has 20% off storewide with the code TWOUP.  Get on that stat.

Harrods is having 10% off storewide this weekend if you are a Harrods Rewards member.  Free to sign up. 

30% off storewide at Saba.  Nothing left in my size :(

Pilgrim has a further 30% off sale items ending tonight.

and lastly 20% off storewide at Glassons.  They also have $50 off coats and a sale section like everyone else.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Faux leather leggings for work and play

I was super nervous about buying faux leather leggings online because I hadn't even tried any instore so I really had no idea how they would look on me but I thought I would give it a shot.  I bought these ones from the Asos Petite range as I figured all normal ones would be wayyy too long.

I have to say it's very thin and you can see visible panty line (VPL) but I'd always wear it with a long enough top that covers my bum, otherwise I'd wear a g-string with it.  The other thing I like about it is that it's not too shiny and doesn't look cheap and nasty.  It's got a lovely matte finish and comfy to wear.  It bunches a little at the ankles for me but that's because I'm super short.  I'm a normal 6 and I got a Petite 6 in these and they fit nicely.

My work is very casual so I was able to get away with wearing these on Friday (wouldn't wear them Mon-Thu though).  I dressed it up with a blouse and blazer for work.

I also wore them today to breakkie with my lover boy.  I dressed it down with an oversized jumper but I did wear heels because I didn't want to look like a bum haha.

I haven't worn them enough to know what the sag factor would be like but I'd assume they would sag since they are so thin but I will report back once I've worn them a few times.  Even if they do sag, at £16 (actually they cost me £14.40 because I used a 10% discount code) they're cheap enough to just buy a replacement pair.  Overall I'm happy with this purchase but unfortunately won't be able to wear them for very long as they are NOT AT ALL warm and it's been rather cold in Sydney lately so I've literally been freezing my butt off.


Friday, 19 April 2013

Polka Dot Obsession

I only recently realised how much of a polka dot lover I am.  I fell in love with the Sass & Bide Torn Apart knit (below left) but despite efforts to locate one in an xs, they seem to be sold out on every boutique that stocks them, not to mention Sass & Bide stores nationally and Myer nationally.  It's not to be.  But I did find a reasonable substitute on Asos (below right)

It got me thinking about all the other polka dot clothing I've bought in the past year.  And there's been many.

Supre skirt with a polka dot phone cover thrown in for good measure
Peter Alexander nightie

Cotton On long-sleeved tee

Has anyone else OD-ed on polka dots lately?  Or have you been obsessing about something else?

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

No longer a hermit

My assignment has been submitted and suddenly all is good in the world!  I feel like I've been under a big black cloud for the past fortnight - a cloud full of stress, anger, tiredness and sickness.  Because starting a new job in legal, tax and accounting publishing and writing a 6,000 word essay on risk management in applied finance wasn't enough, someone decided I should also be sick whilst doing all of this.  I stayed up last night trying to finish the assignment until my sentences and words stopped making sense.  I tried to get to bed but my stress and sickness saw me lie in bed for an hour before being able to fall asleep.  And of course I had to come into work early this morning to do a conference call with New Zealand.  To say that I am tired is a bit of an understatement.

I'm also SO behind on my weekly tv shows (although I suspect nothing's changed on MKR and Sophia is still contorting her mouth instead of speaking like a normal person).  I'm so behind on LIFE.  What's been happening??  I haven't been reading the newspaper....  I heard about the Boston marathon on the radio this morning - truly awful.

It also happens to be Tom and my 3-year anniversary today so we're going out to Ms G's tonight to celebrate.  Not really romantic but we're defs keen to try this one hat-ted restaurant and their cocktails!  It's the only thing getting me through the next few hours...

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Script in concert

I have a confession to make.  I have the musical taste of a 15-year-old teenager.  Well to be fair, I didn't realise how teeny-boppy fans of The Script were til I went to their concert on Sunday night.  I had literally been studying non-stop all weekend so it was a nice break.

They were pretty awesome.  Great energy, great attitude and oh so talented.  I didn't realise the lead singer played keyboard and guitar.  I didn't realise the guitarist could play electric and acoustic guitar at the same time.  I didn't realise the drummer who is an amazing harmoniser can also play guitar WHILST PLAYING THE DRUMS.  Mind blown.

They did this cool thing where they took a photo of them onstage with the crowd in the background!  Stolen from their Twitter (speaking of Twitter, I need to get onto that shizz.... I am so behind the times):

I'm there somewhere!!

The only disappointment of the night was they didn't play many songs from their current album but they played my fave 'If you could see me now' which made my night.

 In other news, I’ve been keeping VERY busy with work and study, I’ve hardly had any time to do much else besides eat (VERY important) and sleep (a bit).  Looking forward to next Tuesday when I submit my assignment and celebrate my anniversary with Tom!!

Today I wore my new Sass & Bide blazer to work.  I think I’m addicted to blazers, they can instantly make any outfit look polished.

Marcs indigo pants, Supre top, Sass & Bide blazer, Oroton belt, Longchamp le Pliage, Oroton umbrella
Also, I desperately need a haircut.  This is atrocious.


Peace Out.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Things I am grateful for...

I was meant to work on my assignment tonight but my brain is full.  I've been thrown into the deep end at work and I am absolutely loving it!

There are so many things that I'm grateful for at the moment:
  • I never thought I would say this but I'm loving getting up at 7.30am and having somewhere to go
  • SO happy to be buying a daily coffee from my favourite cafe again
  • Hooray for only 30-minute train trips!!!  Take that ex-job! :P
  • I have a beautiful 25-minute walk from the train station to my office which is great for me because that's my daily exercise.  All up I walk at least 5.4km every day; I'm a bit sore at the moment but feeling good
  • I get to wear my clothes and shoes again!
  • I've been thrown into the deep end at work which is really challenging because the company works in an industry I've never worked in before.  I work in IT but in the finance industry (retail banking and funds management in investment banking) so I have a sound understanding of both, but my company works in law, tax and accounting so all of it is brand new information to me.  Even though I'm struggling at the moment, I wouldn't have it any other way.  My last few jobs have been less than challenging for me so to be using my brain again feels great!
  • My boss told me yesterday that I'm flying to New Zealand next month to meet the team there as I'll be managing projects and resources there - exciting!!
  • One of my sisters works in the same area as me which  means more sister hang-out time!
  • Moving away from work for a second but everything is really good with Tom and with my family
  • I've started to book accommodation and tours for my South America trip in September - ridiculously excited :D
The only downside at the moment is that I'm supposed to be writing my final assignment which is difficult when my brain is already full with law, tax and accounting information without adding financial risk management to it.  (I got a High Distinction in my exam so I really want to do well with my assignment).  It's by no means unmanageable though, it will just be a hectic fortnight.  And I always prefer being crazy busy to doing nothing.  

My beautiful walk to work

Don't cook laksa when you're wearing white
...and now I'm sitting here eating a Gaytime (2 nights in a row! yep), watching My Kitchen Rules and disappointed that Ashlee and Sophia are still in the competition.  Yay for Andie and Josh being preggers though!

I'm having a gay old time

Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Long Weekend

Firstly I want to thank you all for your kind words regarding my last post, it meant a lot to me.  I'm so excited about starting work tomorrow, have a very good feeling about the company and to be honest it will be good to wake up and leave the house every day.  I did enjoy unemployment for the first month or so but I have so many pretty clothes and shoes in my wardrobe that they were going to waste not being worn.

Asos dress, YSL Arty ring, Venetian glass pendant from Venice, Christian Louboutin Greissimos, bracelets from eQuip

It's been almost a week since my last post so I have a LOT of catching up to do.  On Thursday night we went out to New Orleans Cafe now they've reopened.  The food was ok, nothing terribly exciting (although I did manage to get a pint of cider for < $10).

 Friday we went to Tom's parents for lunch.  What is normally a 5 minute drive up the Pacific Hwy became a 20-minute exercise.  At least we got choccies and a yummy lunch on arrival.

After lunch we went to my extended family for dinner.  We had fried fish and prawns, calamari, sweet potato and eggplant and salad.  I was SO FULL I literally couldn't eat any dessert :(

On Saturday we went to the opening round of AFL between Sydney Swans and GWS Giants.  Olympic Park was ridiculously busy with the Easter Show and AFL game going on simultaneously.  Yay for an easy Swans win!

At some point over the long weekend I made hot cross buns.  Lots of work and they weren't even as good as Coles' hot cross buns.  Will be sticking to buying them next year.  Oh I had a Bakers Delight Mocha Hot Cross Bun - delish.

On Sunday I decided to start my final assignment.  I thought I was going to have 2 weeks full-time to do this assignment but since I start work tomorrow, I'll only have 2 weekends to complete it.  Full steam ahead!  I got distracted by chocolates halfway through, and then distracted by my bed a coupla hours later.  Still managed to do 1/4 of the assignment which I was happy with.

Today I went to the Easter Show and saw all the cute animals!

Look at this cutie!  Beyond adorable!
Tonight Tom and I went out for dinner because I just couldn't be bothered booking.  We had Thai from his favourite place - I had duck noodle soup and he had beef stir fry.

...and now I am sitting here writing this up, getting stuff ready for work tomorrow!  Can't wait!