Thursday, 22 August 2013

Help me pack!!

I'm now in full planning mode for South America.  I've printed off all the documents I need and writing up my packing list.  Speaking of which, here it is: (I'm packing for all 4 seasons and 4 weeks)


  • Thick, warm jacket
  • Thin jacket
  • Leggings
  • 1 cardigan
  • 2 long shorts
  • 1 skirt?
  • 4  long-sleeved tees
  • 1 jumper
  • 4 short-sleeved tees
  • 2 pairs jeans
  • 1 pair loose pants
  • 4 dresses
  • 2 singlets
  • Pashmina/scarf/wrap
  • 4 pairs sock
  • 10 pairs undies
  • Rain poncho
  • 2 bikinis
  • 1 kaftan
  • PJs
  • Dress for wedding
  • Nike Frees
  • Havaianas
  • Ballet flats?
  • Shoes for wedding
What do you think?  Too many of something and not enough of something else?  I have a tendency to underpack (yes UNDERpack) and I often end up with not enough clothes to cycle through.  Wondering if one cardigan, one jumper, one thick jacket and one thin jacket is sufficient?  Do I also need a blazer?  Ballet flats or no ballet flats?  Worth bringing a skirt?  Will I wear it?



  1. OH god I hate packing, I'm a huge under-packer. I brought like 10 items of clothing with me on a 3 week trip to the US and hated myself for it.
    I found accessories really handy for boring t-shirt kinda outfits and ballet flats were a must have for me.

    1. Really?? I LOVE packing! I hate the unpacking part (although maybe it's more that I hate the realisation that I'm back in Sydney and have to go back to work).

  2. Wow!!! So excited for you!!! I hope you have a wonderful time.
    Well, it seems like you are bringing a little of everything, so I think you should be good. I think the outerwear is fine, you shouldn't need more than that. I personally love to bring a comfy pair of ballet flats for times when I will be walking but want to be dressier than sneaks. You are bringing some dresses, so maybe you don't NEED the skirt, but it can add a lot versatility when paired with different tops... So I'd say see if you have room and take it if you do.
    Have a safe and fun trip-can't wait to see your posts :-)

    1. I'm totally looking forward to Lake Titicaca thanks to your post!!

      Thanks for the advice re outerwear. I also agree with you that given the dresses I won't need a skirt. Will defs do some South America posts once I get back. Only 19 days left :)

  3. I tend to pack a skirt with black stockings so it will suffice for both cool and warm weather. Ballet flats are a great way for comfy shoes which are versatile and go with nearly everything. I find my nikes only go with certain jeans and you can't wear the with skirts etc.

    Have fun and good luck packing!

    1. Yeah I totally get what you mean about runners being too casual especially for dresses. Will defs bring a pair of ballet flats then :)


  4. You write a packing list? Seriously! Can't you just chuck things into a suitcase like any normal human being? First the colour coding and now packing list! Teehee!

  5. I liked skirts to mix and match with, but if you bring it then you'd probably need ballet flats. It's tough packing for such a long time away. Are you gonna buy anything when you're there?

    1. Yeah it's really hard packing for all 4 seasons because we'll be in different countries that have different climates, and also packing for 30 days. I don't plan on buying much but you know me, shop shop shop!

  6. If you are going to have access to washing facilities I think you've overpacked. I would take out 2 dresses and 1 pair of jeans. For nearly a month in the states I survived with 1 skirt, 1 x shorts, 1x jeans and 1 x leggings for my bottoms and we did 2 loads of washing the whole trip. (I swear my clothes weren't stinky). But if you don't know if you'll have washing facilities then I would keep everything. And yes to ballet flats!

    1. Wow really? Did you buy anything in the US? I took about the same as you for a month in the states but I bought heaps to supplement myself.

      Yes will definitely take ballet flats now! Next choice is which pair hehe

    2. Thanks for the advice though, I will dump one pair of jeans at the very least and maybe one pair of shorts too!

    3. I did buy stuff! But not alot of clothes so I pretty much survived the whole time with what I had. Hope you have a fabulous time on your trip.

  7. Oh Geez. You don't want to see my list - and i'm taking a backpack! I think I might have to half it :S LOL!

    So clearly - I'm not much help on the packing front! haha

    - KK xo

    1. BACKPACK?!??! Babes... I don't think I could handle a backpack, I'm way too small/weak. I defs do want to see your list!! Might give me some ideas for myself. What day bag are you taking? Not sure if a Longchamp le Pliage is safe enough? Kx.

    2. LOL YES BACKPACK! We will be moving around a lot and I don't want to have to check in my luggage. I just want to be able to walk in and out at the airport(s)!!

      Honestly, Im just thinking of my safety. I'm not bringing any jewellery, bags etc. I don't want to rush it as most of my friends who were mugged etc were wearing jewellery, nice bags! I think i'm just going to buy a sidebag from ASOS as I am struggling to find time shopping these days! Its a spew though, as my travel bag is my Odean MM Louis Vuitton since 2008 and has been EVERYWHERE With me. SO CONFLICTED. First World problems I know!

      We end the Trip in Santiago & Buenos Aires (staying at the Carlton Ritz, can't wit!!) So I'm going to go shopping cray cray there and buy a suitcase on my way back lol.

      Make sure you only bring something that if you lost it, you won't be upset!

      - KK x

    3. Oooh Carlton Ritz - fancy pants!! Good idea on buying a suitcase at your last stop before coming home.

      I know what you mean though, I'm not taking ANY jewelry at home and will most likely take the Longchamp as my day bag.


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