Monday, 29 October 2012

I REALLY want this egg chair

Damn you Aldi for being cheap and awesome.  I love you.  I hate you.

I really want this egg chair and have wanted it for many many years.  And now Aldi has it.  For cheap.  Problem is, it's not a practical chair by any means, and living in an apartment makes it difficult to find a place for this amazing piece of furniture.  My balcony gets dirty really easily because my apartment building backs out onto bushland (ok not really bushland, but lots of trees) and train tracks.  And there is no space inside the apartment because we already have a 3-piece leather ensemble on top of a large flatscreen TV, dining table and about 3 bookshelves :S

Should I or shouldn't I?

Hanging Egg Chair


  1. Hahaha I feel your pain! I want one too! Aldi always tempts us with their bargains. I live in an apartment and am hoarding so much rubbish as it is. I wouldn't know which other corner to shove this chair in.

    K xx

    1. I love Aldi so much. I decided not to get the egg chair - too impractical. Their new catalogue is out - has a lot of beauty products!

  2. I saw this on their twitter feed.
    Then i went to their catalogue online and now I want to get the kid's bench thing for $50.

  3. It is nice you should buy it I think. I bought one online and it looks great in my backyard deck:

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