Sunday, 14 October 2012

Daiso Chatswood - Buy 10 Get 1 Free

I love Daiso.  Not only because everything is $2.80 but also because they have a lot of clever gadgets that just aren't available at other stores.

I visited the Chatswood store today and it's their 1 year anniversary so they had a 'Buy 10 Get 1 Free' promotion.  Pretty handy if you're going to buy 10 pieces anyway.  I walked away with only 8 things (the brown paper wrapping paper I got at the $2 shop).

  1. 40cm metal ruler - perfect for crafty stuff
  2. Shoe deodoriser - for the boy
  3. BIG peeler - my best friend suggested this as a replacement for a mandolin
  4. Ink pad - you press the red button for red ink, and the black button for black ink
  5. Camera tripod
  6. Epoxy glue - for fixing my Louboutins, blogpost coming
  7. Lace border - I can use this as replacement for sticky tape when wrapping presents or use it when making cards
  8. Christmas tree border - I can't believe I'm planning for Christmas already


  1. Yay the offer is on again!! Love Daiso. I always end up buying more than i really need... hehe

    1. I know it's SO hard to stay controlled in that place!!

  2. I want to go to Daiso soooo bad! I also planned to go this weekend but was too sick! Wah! Ill give it a try next week :)

  3. Lace border? I'm intrigued now...

    Kara - get yourself to the CBD store stat.

    1. Haha That's it i'm going to HAVE TO!!!!

      I'm going to google where the CBD store is. I think it would be closest to me!!

      Also... Going to find the poor soul that is coming with me now. hahaha.

      - KK


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