Monday, 8 October 2012

Blue Mountains getaway

I'd booked this Blue Mountains getaway back in April through Living Social but due to Tom finishing his Masters, we couldn't go til this past weekend.  We arrived at 9pm after somehow taking 2 hours to get there (don't ask) and were greeted warmly by the hosts Jacky and Claudio.  We were shocked when they opened the door to our room and we saw this:

Just to give you an indication of the high ceilings

It was stunning.  The communal dining room has a bar with port, sherry, pink champagne, and an abundance of tea and coffee.  The bookcase (colour-coded of course) is actually a 'secret passageway' to the hosts' mini house.  There was also a full-sized pool table for people who are more coordinated than me.

After a night's sleep in, yes I'm about to say it, the world's most comfortable bed - we hopped into the car and headed to Jenolan Caves.  I'm not sure how I managed to miss all the school excursions to Jenolan Caves but I've never been there.  Yes you can judge me now.  Visibility was pretty poor most of the way...

The tour we originally wanted (Chifley) sold out a few people ahead of us so we settled for the next available tour - the Temple of Baal.

Stalactites, stalagmites and helictites

Angel's wing

The piece de resistance
I will admit, I didn't find it enthralling.  It's like Hi here's a rock.  Hi here's another rock.  Great, rocks are rocks.  I'm sorry I don't find it as interesting as others might find it.  I did, however, enjoy spending time in the gift shop.  I know it's a gimmick but I bought 2 pieces of agate - a fuchsia coloured one for myself and a purple one for my sister who's obsessed with purple:

The fog didn't clear all day and by dinnertime was looking like this:

It started thunderstorming so we raided the BnB's DVD collection and I found Coneheads!!  I watched the crap out of this movie when I was little (this and Wayne's World) but Tom's never seen it so we jumped into bed and put this on the tv.

Aaah childhood memories

Luckily by Sunday morning all the fog from Saturday had gone and there was no trace of the thunderstorm.  I took a few pics of the BnB before we checked out.

We walked up to Leura Mall where there was a Village Fair and explored.

I love that their storage items double as interior decoration.  My boy also wanted to buy that random $450 guitar thing.  Wtf

Mrs Pork Chop's Nest this is for you :)

It's like Willy Wonka's Factory - thank goodness I don't have little kids

Gozleme ftw!
We stopped briefly at Sublime Point for some scenery intake before making the drive back to Sydney to have dinner with my parents and finally home at 9pm!


  1. How did we not run into each other!?! Or maybe we did and we just didn't realise... Because we parked right across the road from the B&B, then went to the candy store {even looked at that exact jet puffed fluff} then we walked through those market stalls, saw that band playing and then i was talked out of getting a gozleme, after which we headed down the road to see sublime... So bizarre!

    It's beautiful up there in the mountains right? Also, coneheads was a childhood favourite of mine too, gotta love dan akroyd. :)

  2. Hehe we would have literally accidentally followed each other around all day!! Really really bizarre. Don't let anyone talk you out of eating a gozleme. Ever.

    ZOMG I have so much love for Coneheads. Dan Akroyd is brilliant in it!

  3. OMGawd FLUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. You bought it right?

    Gozleme is amazeballs. I don't know why you got talked out of it c_for_court!

    1. Of course I didn't buy it. Marshmallow SPREAD?? I think not :P


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