Monday, 15 October 2012

Fixing injured Louboutins for $2.80 - yes you read right

Total cost: $2.80
Total time: 10 minutes

I was SO devastated when I injured my Louboutin Biancas on their first outing.  The leather lifted off on the heel as you can see in the pictures below.  I decided I was going to try and fix it myself.  It's not a huge defect and if I got this right, I could fix all my other injured heels that I've been neglecting (sorry other non-designer shoes, I know I treat you unfairly).

I bought epoxy glue from Daiso and got to work.

I grabbed a bamboo skewer and a plastic spoon to mix the epoxy on.  I picked up glue using the skewer (a toothpick will do the same job) and dabbed it onto the leather.  I then folded the leather back onto the heel and used the Daiso plastic bag to wrap around the affected area to hold it in place, but I lifted the plastic bag every minute or so to make sure the epoxy didn't glue the plastic bag to the heel.  After about 15 minutes I tied a hair tie around the plastic bag and left it alone for half an hour.

The result is pretty good - better than I was expecting.

You can see a bit of a blemish if you look closely but overall it looks pretty good.  I'm thrilled it only cost me $2.80 and I'm even happier that I didn't ruin my shoes!

Btw  I'm not sure a normal plastic bag would work.  The Daiso shopping bag has a plastic-y, waxy feel to it so I think that may have made a difference. 

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