Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Christmas in.... October?

I made myself a cup of tea this morning and saw this cup in the kitchen (excuse the teabag, I always let it sit in there because I like my tea strong)

And it reminded me of what I saw at Coles last night:

Serious??  It's barely the second week of October.  Even super hyper pain in the ass organised people like me haven't started planning the Christmas shopping yet.  Especially not for Christmas food.  Christmas gifts maybe but who's buying Christmas food in October?  Crazytown.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I popped into Mr Vitamin yesterday hoping to pick up some Vitamin D tablets due to my Doc telling me I'm severely Vitamin D deficient.  This is what I was confronted with:

This was only about one tenth of the store.  I walked around.... not in any particular order I could see....  couldn't find any Vit D... why are there signs everywhere?  So many bright colours....  What brands are good?  There are signs EVERYWHERE.  Does that guy work here?  What's happening?  Where is my effing Vit D?  Oh I need air.  Exit.

Now I'm no visual merchandiser but surely they realise they're not making their store inviting by shoving so many products, colours and signs in a seemingly haphazard order?  Rant over.  I'm off to the interwebs to buy some Vitamin D.


  1. This post has actually made me think about getting organised and onto the xmas shopping now so I'm not frazzled in Dec.. Having said that it was only a *thought* I doubt i'll be acting on it anytime soon haha!

  2. No don't do it! If you're anything like me you'll buy presents now and then forget about them and buy presents again closer to December. I swear I've given my sisters more birthday presents than the number of birthdays they've had.... :)


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