Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Today I..... gave blood for the first time

Yes I'm 26 and I only gave blood for the first time today.  Before you judge me, the reason why is because I didn't meet their minimum weight requirement in the past.  Now that I've packed on a few kgs, I met the minimum requirements (I've discovered donating blood is only one of the advantages of gaining weight.  Being able to buy clothes from normal shops is another).

The Red Cross was doing a blood drive near my office.  I diligently read up on all the requirements and what to do the day before/morning of giving blood so I was prepared. I actually ate breakfast (yeah ok I don't normally eat breakkie, yes I know it's bad for me blah blah blah), I drank heaps of water and had a huuuuuge salad for lunch.

The actual process was so easy.  All the nurses were ridiculously nice and talked me through every single step.  I had to pump my fist a few times to get the blood flowing because I've got poor circulation.  10 minutes later I was done!

I had to rest for another 5 minutes, then the lovely nurse insisted I take another bottle of water and gave me a 'goodie bag' with all sorts of junk food.  I'm not really a junk food person so I handed them out to my colleagues when I got back to the office.

This is my "blood donation" outfit today:

Asos orange linen 3/4 blazer, Country Road seamfree black tank, Asos grey pencil skirt, Gold drop necklace from Diva, Prada pumps


  1. I think giving blood is a fantastic thing to do no matter what age or how long it took you to do it, good on you!
    I am so petrified of needles i just wouldn't be able to bring myself to do it without making a scene.

  2. I don't love needles either N, so I just look up at the ceiling when they're sticking it in :)


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