Thursday, 25 October 2012

Cheap and cheerful

Apologies for my crazy post yesterday - I drank a can of Coke out of boredom and got a bit crazy/hyperactive/disruptive.  I feel much calmer today.

Has anyone been outside to enjoy the 34 degree weather we've got in Sydneytown today?  I went outside to read my book and 15 minutes later I have a very sexy skirt tan-line ;)

Today my outfit is cheap and cheerful:

Cardigan: Cotton On $30
White tank: Supre $2.50
Skirt: Asos $9
Shoes: Ted Baker $100
Grand Total $141.50

(Don't mind the pair of scissors in my left hand - I went to the bathroom to cut the tag off the top as it was scratchy and pissing me off).

Last night I had dinner with my best friend for her birthday.  I wore my Christian Louboutin Biancas with black Nudie jeans, cyan blue H&M blazer and a beautiful silk scarf I picked up from Vinnies over the weekend.  I decided to take my Dior out which is rare because it's white canvas and I'm super paranoid about getting it dirty (clearly not a thought out purchase)

The birthday girl wanted to go to Chefs Gallery near Town Hall.  I had the Dim Sum Sampling Platter and Egg Noodles with Shitake Mushrooms and Golden Fried Shallots.  I know I'll probably get flamed for this but I've eaten at Chefs Gallery twice now and haven't loved it either time.  Maybe I don't appreciate asian food?  Yes I see the irony!  Anyway, I bought her a dozen macarons from that Town Hall place which I mentioned on the Vogue Forums but we were wayyyy too full from dinner to have dessert.

Happy Birthday Dani!!

Also - thank god tomorrow is Friday.  I have a very leisurely day planned with a work lunch slash drinks slash piss-up so I might not get a chance to post.  Have a good weekend!


  1. I love that ASOS skirt.. for $9 as well omg. I've been curious about that chef gallery place but I've heard mixed reviews from my friends so IDK if I'll ever try them. and what town hall place??

    1. If you exit Town Hall station via the south exit which spits you out at the Pavillion/Star Bar/opposite Event Cinemas - before you exit is a CitiSuper slash Daiso. At the front of that is a place that sells dutch pancakes and proffitjes (sp?) and around the side is a glass cabinet full of macarons. They're all $1 or $10 for a dozen. Great bargain. My favourites are salted caramel, earl grey and red velvet!

    2. And yes $9 skirt! It was 6 pounds but I can't find the pound sign on this keyboard... I bought the same skirt in grey with pale pink polka dots!

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  3. Don't worry, I'm not a huge fan of Chefs Gallery either. Though I've been told you have to order the right thing (apparently the tofu is amazing, and noodles are worth ordering).


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