Saturday, 13 October 2012

Ants in my pants

Today was my day for running errands.  I always write a list of things to do when I have a day free because I have ants in my pants and can't sit still.
  1. Wrap and make birthday cards for 3 of my best friends (all within 1 week of each other - wtf)
  2. Hand wash winter coats so you can pack them away (apparently Sydney Shop Girl had the same idea today)
  3. Swap winter clothes with summer clothes
  4. Finish photo wall
  5. Clean silver jewelry (thanks to A Shoe Affair's post I read)
  6. Before

  7. Get a massage! It was amazing
  8. Clean drains - I bought some drain cleaner so it was a 2 second job
  9. Wash sheets
  10. Coles shopping - can of tuna for dinner tonight, shampoo, stuff for my salad tomorrow and I grabbed a loaf of olive bread.  This stuff is the business.  Woolies also does one and I actually prefer that one but there's no Woolies near me (Woolies did you hear that??  I live in Lindfield.  Thankyou)

Tonight I've got girlfriends coming over for dinner and wine and a good dose of Jersey Shore and Jwoww and Snooki.  Can't wait!


  1. Good work with the jewellery - you did a better job than I did! I think we have some of the same jewels ;)

  2. Hehe thanks T&Co for adorning so many women's wrists/necks/fingers :)

  3. I told SSG the same.. i'm still wearing my winter knits!


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