Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Move over ClickFrenzy, Thanksgiving sales have started

WARNING: If you are my sister stop reading NOW.  Right now.  No seriously......

OK, now that I've gotten that off my chest, is anyone else as disappointed with Australia's answer to Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales as me?  I was hoping to pick up some Christmas presents but after not being able to access the site at all last night, and having a look at the abysmal 'sales' this morning, I've walked away empty-handed.  Don't get me wrong - I didn't expect it to blow my socks off.  But I expected it to be better than it was.  One of the retailers had FOUR items "on sale" as part of ClickFrenzy, even though the entire site sells things at less than RRP.  Off to America's Thanksgiving sales I go.

I was in America for Thanksgiving last year.  After a massive dinner with extended family I had met only that day, Tom and I ventured out to Macys 42nd St in NYC.  It wasn't as chaotic and hectic as I thought it would be and only ended up with a full-priced Mac blush and full-priced Chanel eyeliner.

The next morning the sales were still going so we went to Fifth Ave and popped into Uniqlo where I grabbed 2 pairs of work pants for something stupid like $39 or maybe even $29 and had them taken up for free (PS love Uniqlo).  My only other bargain was a Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Baby Groovee in bronze which retails for $395 and I nabbed for something like $125 at Neiman Marcus.

ANYWAY, after the failure of ClickFrenzy I visited the Vogue forums and found out about the shopbop sale.  CRAZYCRAZYCRAZY.  Spend some money and get 20, 25, 30, 35 percent off.  Oh did I mention FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.  Ah man I love shopbop.

I promptly placed an order.  I got myself another pair of Ferragamo Varinas (my second pair in 3 days oops) in a gorgeous tan colour to replace my current tan Michael Kors ballet flats:

I got a bag for my sister's birthday next year (hence the crazy disclaimer at the start of this post) which she has been lusting over for a year or so - the MBMJ Too Hot To Handle tote.  I actually love it myself.  That might be my next bag purchase in a fun, bright colour hopefully.

This brought my total to $953.  If I spent $47 more I would get 30% off instead of 25%.  So what's a girl to do?  I chucked in a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs studs:

The earrings were $48.  Boom.  Total cost $1001.  30% off.  $0 shipping.  New total $700.70


  1. The Click Frenzy sale was rubbish.

    I have resisted the shopbop sale due to the size of my credit card. Nice work on the Ferragamos I love their shoes.

    Wow I love that bag. I am tempted to head over to the shopbop sale now - nooooo.

    1. I loooove Ferragamo flats! Do you have any Indi?

      Were you naughty with shopbop? ;)

    2. Yes I have a few they are great!

      I went to buy the tote today and it's sold out! Only mini left :-(

  2. Thou shalt not look at shopbop. No i won't! :)

  3. Bargain! Now I'm really wishing I'd browsed the Shopbop sale. I was trying to be so good...

    1. No such thing as being good! Not for me anyway...


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