Thursday, 1 November 2012

Free cocktails and free canapes and a free goodies bag? I'm there!

Argh I'm such a sucker for goodie bags.  Suck-er.

The Loft put on a cocktail competition tonight - everyone was given a 'Cocktail Connoisseur' pouch containing 5 cocktail coupons and 3 voting chips.

1.  Motor Cross by Erin Shaw

A delectable cocktail with the perfect balance of Remy Martin VS Cognac and a large splash of Cointreau, complimented with the addition of fig, fennel and chilli chutney and lemon juice.

I think it was the chilli chutney in this that made my mouth start burning.  1/3 into the cocktail and I had to ditch it.  Sad.  Moving on.

2.  Afternoon Highball by Perryn Collier
A refreshing and tantalising cocktail perfect for a Summer afternoon.  Midori and Cointreau are enhanced with citrus, freshly muddled cucumber and aloe vera juice, served long.

This.drink.was.amazballs.  And the mixologist mastered the art of bulk-making cocktails (something the last mixologist did NOT do).  

I parted with my first voting chip -

3.  Kyoto's Kick by Ian Loh
A complex yet delicate and delightful mix of Yamazaki 12-year-old Japanese Whiskey and Remy Martin VSOP cognac, highlighted by lemon juice, sweet orgeat syrup and a dash of The Bitter Truth Old Time Aromatic bitters.

This was nice, but unforgettable.  There's not much else I can say.

4.  Wolfenbuttel Sour by Raymondo Donato
A flavoursome and alluring tipple utilising the herbaceous Jagermeister, mixed to perfection with orgeat syrup, lemon juice and a crown of mint sprigs and berries.

Dear Raymondo, making patrons wait 50 minutes for your cocktail when every other mixologist has taken at the most 10 minutes is unacceptable.  But I forgive you because it was delicious.  You get my second voting chip.

After the 50-minute wait, the boy and I opted to give the last cocktail a miss.  As we walked out we were given goodie bags with mini liqueurs and a baby cocktail mixer.  Hooray!

Oh wait I forgot about the food!!!  Sorry for the horrendously blurry photos.  Juggling a handbag, an umbrella, a drink, a cocktail connoisseur pouch AND trying to take a photo at the same time proved a little more difficult than I would have thought.

Oh PS I chatted to Alvin from Masterchef (2 seasons ago) and he is awesome and so so lovely.

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  1. Dude I would have been there too at goodie bag. LOL.


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