Thursday, 15 November 2012

What's in my bag? And new sparkly things!

The ones who follow me on instagram (hermosa_vogue) will know I'm doing the November "photo a day" challenge where each day has a different theme.  Today's is "What's in your bag" so I thought I would share this with my readers as well.

My everyday bag is a medium long-handle Longchamp le Pliage:

I've got a MacBook Air (my work laptop), car+house keys, tickets to Cirque du Soleil tonight (yay!). Chanel ligne cambon wallet with bright pink lining, CityShittyRail ticket, Suvana paw paw, perfume atomiser, permanent marker, blue pen, stila lip gloss, Lancome Juicy Tube, work pass, sunnies + case, and earphones.

As you can see, I keep my handbag pretty light.  I don't even normally have lip gloss and the perfume atomiser in there, just paw paw.  I hate carrying out heavy handbags because it wreaks havoc on my back (and I already pay my chiro a LOT of money).

Last night I also received my hollywoodstyle order.  Ling asked me about a ring in one of previous posts and I sent her off to  I thought I might have a quick squizz myself while I was there and ended up with 2 sale items - the Ella Aquamarine cocktail ring, and a pair of 7mm princess cut studs.

I really need to reel in the spending - been a bit out of control recently.  And throughout December I'm being forced to take leave for 4 weeks and being a contractor who doesn't get paid when they don't work, December is going to be leeeeeean.  Also, what the f am I going to do every day for 28 days?  I can't even handle ONE quiet day at work.


  1. Oh sure.. blame me! LOL But seriously.. I also bought some yesterday!! It's quite good price for it. I can't wait to receive it!

    Pork Chop's Nest

    1. For the sake of my conscience, I shall blame you :P

      What did you end up buying?? I want to drooooool

    2. Well your ring had no sizes left except 4. I wanted one for the middle finger so went with...
      Then also bought the same earrings as you ;)
      I bought the circle ring in Champagne. Hope that it fits.

    3. OMG that sentence made no sense. Was suppose to say I went with the circle ring in Champagne. HAHAH

    4. Hehe I have the circle ring in amethyst :) We have great taste

      Nice buys ;)

    5. It has already arrived, I need to pick it up from the mailroom tomorrow at work. :)

  2. Is that a 13 or 11 inch computer?


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