Saturday, 10 November 2012

Same top, same location, same date but 2 years apart

I did a really strange thing tonight, and I didn't even notice til Tom pointed it out.  We were in Cammeray having dinner before a show and he realised it was the same top I wore exactly 2 years ago when we went to dinner in Cammeray before the same annual show.  (I almost wore the exact same necklace again but changed my mind at the last minute).

Left:  November 2010                     Right:  November 2012 

Conclusion?  I need to do some shopping!  Or maybe I have the same 'go-to' clothes and I get complacent lazy.  Mental note - be a bit more adventurous.

Anyway we had dinner at Pizza Ollo in Cammeray.  Food was great, but it was a bit disappointing to have to ask 2 different waitstaff 3 times for water.

Garlic bread
Grilled haloumi salad
Half Tuscany Chicken, half Chermoula Seafood
And here are some snaps I took earlier in the day that make me appreciate the city I live in.

And here was my outfit today.  I wore my new Louboutins out for the first time.  Hello pain.
Bardot top, Forever New singlet, Nudies jeans, Louboutins
And my nails are a fantastic shade of blue I've been looking for for ages!  Ulta Blue Marlin.  Target.  $2.  Too easy.

That's all.  It's late.  Bed is calling.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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