Friday, 23 November 2012

I have spent so much money this month.

Seriously.  So much.  Let's do the math:

Nudies $50
Brandsexclusive grizzly boots $70
Asos $62
Opera Bar NYE $350
Shoe repairer $58

Chiropractor for the next 12 months $1200

Brandsexclusive Sass & Bide goodies $70
Forever New singlets $20

Airfares for my parents to Singapore $540

Powerbuys $310

Asos $30

Hollywood Style $35

Cirque du Soleil Ovo $240

Louboutins for a steal $205

Movember donation $30

Salvatore Ferragamo Varina flats in black patent $290

Shopbop order $681
Aldi goodies $30
Beats by Dr Dre headphones $260
BuyInvite Cocolatte clothes $49

Asos order $76

That is a grand total of...... wait for it.....  FOUR THOUSAND, SIX HUNDRED AND FITY SIX DOLLARS.  W.T.F. BRO

This does not include my mortgage repayments, utilities, public transport, food, phone bills.

Ok.  Intervention required.  What a bad time to go on a shopping ban with Christmas coming up and all but it needs to be done.  The only thing I can spend money on until the end of the year is Christmas presents that I haven't bought yet (apart from living expenses). 

Terrible.  I'm off to chastise myself.  Excuse Me.


ETA: What a depressing post with no pictures.  Here are some pictures stolen from Instagram.  Thankyou Casual Friday, Thankyou Mr Louboutin, Thankyou Camden Markets.

Forever New singlet, Asos drapey top, Nudie jeans, Louboutin Love Me, random necklace I bought at Camden Markets in London, H&M blazer from Singapore

Also, a picture not stolen from Instagram but still worth sharing.  This is what is sitting underneath my desk at the moment.  You know you have a shopping problem when.....


  1. Ouch. I am with you - got my CC bill the other day - spent $2300 for the month on clothes etc but haven't even thought of food / bills / mortgage etc. I won't tell you what the total credit card bill is but think my most expensive one ever.

    I have not considered things like flights which I have booked 2 this week or my hot water system that broke yesterday (thought it would be $1000 but its $2000!) That sort of stuff I don't relate to personal spending so you should do the same hehe!

    I blame the sales. Just put it down to an expensive time of year!

    Hope you are enjoying your purchases at least.

    1. OMGad you just reminded me about the flights I have to book for Melbourne :S Another expense.... sigh

      Sucks your hot water system is SO expensive to repair :( That's one of the most important essentials though.

      Here's to January where spending will be minimal..... hopefully

  2. OMG you ladies are making me wonder if I am indeed paid crap.

    I'm just not gonna think about my spending this month. No no no... next month is bonus month. Tomorrow will be better!!


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