Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A new approach to food

Ok.  I've decided to make a few changes to my approach to food.  The reason why I'm doing this is because I'm way too lazy to exercise, so the only way to not put on 500kg is to change my eating habits.

Let me also start by saying I am a pretty healthy eater.  I pretty much don't ever eat sweets or anything deep-fried/fast food.  I've never ever gone on a diet in my life because I believe most things are fine in moderation. I started gaining weight (ok when I say gain weight I mean from 43kgs to 46kgs but considering I'm only in the vicinity of 4'10-11", every additional kg looks noticeable on me) when I started living with Tom, because I'd cook dinner and divide it in half for me and for him.  Now, he's 6'2" and plays soccer 3-4 times/week and has a ridiculous metabolism.  Obviously I shouldn't be eating the same amount as him.  3 years later I'm realising this....

So this is my daily food consumption:
  • Large soy flat white for 'breakkie' - I don't eat breakfast because I don't really like breakfast foods (cereal, toast) plus I'm lactose intolerant
  • Monster salad/2 sandwicesh/leftovers for lunch.  Maybe once or twice a fortnight I'll eat out with friends or work colleagues
  • HUGE serving of a protein + quinoa salad is what I've been making a lot of recently.  Almost never make a rice dish or pasta dish for dinner because I don't love carbs (plus, a big load of carbs that late at night followed by zero exercise is a recipe for disaster!).  Will eat out maybe once a fortnight.
Here are the ridiculously large dinners I've been eating (yep that's an entire half chicken in the first pic):

To be honest, it didn't really hit me til I saw some photos of Court's (balletflatsonmyfeet) dinners and how small the portions are that I realised I am eating wayyyyy too much dinner.

This is what my new food routine will look like:
  • Small soy flat white
  • Bircher muesli with a tiny bit of yoghurt for breakkie
  • Stick with my normal salad/sandwich/leftovers but smaller portion
  • Piece of fruit for afternoon snack
  • Halve the amount I'm currently eating for dinner
  • Piece of fruit between dinner and bed
In saying this, does anyone have any good recipes for bircher muesli?  I want to soak in juice overnight, not milk/yoghurt because of the dairy. 


  1. Shawtays representttt! I'm a smidge taller than you and i agree you notice every kilo.
    Good luck with it all, your stomach will end up getting used to the portions very quickly!

    1. Whaaaaaaaaat! You do not look a similar height to me at all. I'm glad someone can relate. I feel like people think I'm overreacting because of 3kgs but 3kgs on me is like 10kgs on a normal person!

  2. You could eat your monster salads but just eat them over 2 days?
    I often buy a pasta from a café in the office but eat only half of it and then eat the other half the next day.
    Ends up being cheap too :-)

    I relate though, I put on about 7 kg in the first year I met my husband due to eating the same portion sizes as him.

    1. That's a brilliant idea!!! That is super cheap too!

  3. Hi! Great blog! As I was reading this post, I was like OMG! I'm 5ft 1ish (also asian) and my bf is 6ft2 (also white), OMG! my boyfriends name is Tom too and we've been going out for almost 3 years! FREAKY!

    Anyways, I can totally relate, he eats sooo much (crazy metabolism). I consciously try to eat less than his portion sizes, but crap thing is, over time, he ends up losing weight (cos portion sizes get smaller) and i end up gaining weight (portion sizes get bigger).

    I've just started throwing in more exercise and make sure i never eat as much as he does!

    1. That is really freaky!!!

      Yes I know the exact feeling. It sucks - I just hope our kids take after his physique and not mine hehe :D

  4. haha yeah we always joke that our kids are going to be of good height and have 'beautiful' skin :)


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