Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Ikea's $1.95 breakkie

Pretty light fixture at the entrance of Ikea
The normal price is $2.95 so it's already cheap as chips.  But on Wednesdays their breakkie is $1.95.  Awesome.  I was so excited I started attacking it as soon as I sat down and forgot to take a pic til I'd eaten half a hash brown:

Not amazing but great value for a measly dollar ninety-five.

While I was at Ikea I decided to have a look around

Too many different colours and clashing prints for my liking

Inspiration for Christmas place settings
I definitely want a red splashback in my kitchen

Love the floating shelves but they're too impractical

LOVE this outdoor patio ensemble
Pink study area


  1. Awww, this makes me think of Christmas at Ikea! When i worked there i was responsible for decorating the rooms for Christmas... Given i am such a christmas nut. Might have to hit them up soon for some new decorations, they are the bomb!

    I was there a few weeks ago and even though it's been 4 years since i worked there, they've only just redone the last of the rooms that I had designed when i was there...


    1. That's awesome Court! They actually had people in there talking about how to redo the rooms when I was walking through. That would've been you 4 years ago!!


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