Wednesday, 23 January 2013

This is quickly turning into a shopping blog

I'm materialistic.

There I said it.  I love shoes, and to a lesser extent bags.  I get distracted by sales and sparkly things.  I work to earn money to live a life that I want to live, which includes shopping and eating nice food and travelling overseas every year.  I also value immaterial things such as spending time with my family (I make an effort to see them twice a week and almost always over for Sunday dinner), and hanging out with friends and spending time with my other half.  I also have no children or husband to support (yet).  I already own property and whilst I have a mortgage to pay off, I also have rental income.  But yes I do also pay rent.  And I do love to shop.

The Vogue Forums are really good at helping me spend money.  I found out about the ridiculously cheap Missoni scarf from Stacey which I blogged about a few days ago, then I found out the NAP sale was reduced further and being the inquisitive person I am, jumped on to see what had been reduced further. 

Only 10 minutes and $1000 later......  I am the owner of the following:

Giuseppe Zanotti swarovski crystal-embellished suede sandals

Marc by Marc Jacobs sequinned leather ankle boots

YSL Arty ring in blue

Both pairs of shoes were 70% off - the Giuseppe Zanottis were £334.50 (A$501) down from £1115 (A$1,671) and the Marc Jacobs booties were £98.75 (A$148 - you'd be lucky to get Tony Bianco booties at that price!) down from £329.17 (A$494).  The YSL ring was retail at £158.33 (AUD$236) which is still cheaper than the Aussie RRP at AUD$295.

These are the items I did NOT buy (to show you that I do *sometimes* exercise self-control):

Miu Miu Glitter-finish leather ankle boots

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100 nude

J Crew Tipped Wool Peacoat (only because they don't have my size)

Did you pick up anything from the NAP sale?

Ok I promise my next few posts will not be shopping-related!


  1. Frankly I think you made an error in passing up on the CLS!

    But I completely agree with you - we woman who pay our way, earn our money and pay taxes should never have to justify splurges. Especially to random people on the internet. And husbands. I should not have to justify to the husband in my world (but not in his ;))

    1. I've got my eye on another pair of CLs to be honest, so they will be my next CL purchase. I know what you mean though, I'm earning my own money and I should be able to spend my own money without judgement coming from my boyfriend or parents or sisters or friends (or the interwebs!) haha.

      Having said that, I do have to reel my spending in as I've been spending too much (even by my own standards) recently.

  2. I think you are living the ideal life. I am the same currently, but it has been a struggle trying to exert my equality in the marriage to my husband since I keep dipping into our house money. I think he's given up now, he didn't tell me off when I bought my Chanel in Dec. hehe. Love the shopping posts!

    1. That's exactly what my boyfriend does! Every time I buy something he says "that's $xxx less we have for our house." It does make me feel guilty sometimes but money's there to be earnt and spend so it's a bit silly to work like a dog and not enjoy life.

      Great work on the Chanel! What did you get?

  3. Oh my, you did well. I love sparkly things too, especially the GZ sandals. Would love to see how you wear the Arty ring.

    I ordered a Miu Miu skirt, McQ leather skirt, McQ sweater, McQ coat dress (returned), and DvF dress. I ordered from farfetch and Matches too :/

    1. I'm super nervous about the ring actually. I've got reasonably slender fingers and a tiny tiny wrist, so I am worried the ring will look ridiculous on me. But since they're rumoured to be discontinued I thought I would grab one.

      In fact I just picked up 2 more as they're now half price on NAP.

  4. See ... I am pretty bad influence too right? :) Miu miu glitter booties. HAHAH :)

    1. But I removed them from my basket!!!!! So pretty though.

  5. I have to say sparkly booties are completely not practical so good choice.

    I like your shopping posts!

    1. Thanks Indi!

      How are you going post-Gorman dress/iPad? :(


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