Tuesday, 15 January 2013

So I went back to Diva...

and bought a whole heap more after visiting them last week.

They've added more styles to the sale since last week and I picked up:

Blue Shell and Glass on Rope Necklace $19.99 to $3
 and the same necklace in green:

Green Shell and Glass on Rope Necklace $19.99 to $8
and a matching bracelet

$12.99 to $3
This is from the Alex Perry/Diva collaboration:
Alex Perry Short Flower Feature Necklace $29.99 to $8

Purple Bead and Metal Rope Necklace $19.99 to $8
Red Shell Nugget Rope Set $19.99 to $8
Gold Metal Chain Link Bracelet $12.99 to $6
And last but not least...

Much more aqua-y in real life $19.99 to $8

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