Monday, 7 January 2013

Stats from the first day back at work

2 - the number of times I attempted to log into my laptop because I had forgotten my username
271 - the number of emails I had in my inbox
17 - the number of emails I actually had to action
11:41 - the time it was when I finished going through my emails
11:41 - the time I went on my lunch break
8.60 - the cost of my lunch
1:05 - the time I returned from my lunch break
3:01 - the time it is now
5:00 - when I plan to leave the office today

If today is also your first day back, how's it gone?  If you've been working through the Christmas/NY period, sucked in :P

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  1. Haha love this post.

    I had to think about my password this morning for about 10 seconds and was surprised when it worked.

    I didn't mind being back too much, feel like I had a really good break.


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