Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Shopping "ban"

I use the term "ban" very very VERY loosely (yes Indi, I know you're nodding your head :P).  I am not going cold turkey and forbidding myself from making ANY purchases whatsoever.

The fashion-related purchases I've made so far this year have all been at least 50% off or dirt cheap (less than ten bucks), with the exception of a pair of blue work pants I paid retail for (although 'retail' at Forcast is only $49.95 which is bucketloads cheaper than the blue work pants I saw at Marcs on sale for $97 so I think that's a semi-win).

These 100% cotton tees from Asos were an amazing £5.50!

I bought this dress in 2 sizes as I was unsure and my suspicions were right - the smaller size fits me everywhere but the bust, and the bigger size fits my bust but a bit big everywhere else and I feel a bit frumpy :( £35.00 down to £14.50

The 2 pairs of Louboutins I've bought were an amazing 60% and 65% off respectively:

I also got some Peeptoe Miss Steal a Diamond silver peeptoes for a ridiculous 85% off which I've mentioned before!!

Diva's sale killed me, admittedly I went a bit overboard but the discounts were great.  I never paid more than $8 for stuff that retailed for up to $30.  Details here and here.

My other jewelry purchase has been an Asos mens cube ring for £2.50

I nabbed a Marcs Carrie shirt for half price at DFO:

Last but not least,my Forcast Lexie cobalt pants:

Eeek ok so that is quite a bit of spending in 2 weeks :S



  1. Haha yes it is not a ban when you are buying designer shoes!

    I LOVE those pink CL's - stunning! How much?

    I think those boots are going to uncomfortable, what did you think? I cant wear boots with a heel they end up killing my feet. Do you have this problem?

    1. Pink CLs were AUD$381!

      I actually find heeled boots more comfy than heels. Crossing my fingers. If they're not comfy or don't fit, they can go on ebay :)


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