Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Diva's 'Nothing over $8' sale

I don't normally frequent Diva, but for nothing over $8 I will.  It's not the entire store that's <$8 but its a decent 1/3 store.

Picked up 12 pairs of earrings, 2 chains and a ring for $20.

The earrings will be Christmas stocking fillers next year (unless I decide I can't wait that long and just start wearing them myself which is highly likely), and the chains I bought because I saw a ring on Asos that I wanted to wear as a pendant but I had no long chains.  Diva to the rescue with $1 chains!

(Oh, the Asos ring was £2.50 here).  Love the ring as well, doesn't look Diva-like at all :)

Go forth and shop!

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