Tuesday, 8 January 2013


 I'm sure you've heard all about this on the news/facebook/instagram but...
  • Forecast 43°C - third hottest day in Sydney since records begun 
  • Hottest temp ever recorded on earth was 56.7°C in Death Valley, California in 1913 ("Death Valley" says it all, right?)
  • Hottest temp ever recorded in Oceania was 50°C in South Australia in 1960 - looks like we're set to break this if you read on...
  • My workplace was kind enough to allow employees to wear casual business attire today to combat the heat, so I'm doing my best to look as professional as possible in my super-casual French Connection t-shirt dress (the Ferragamo belt and Prada pumps make it look semi-professional right?  Right??!?!):
  • 34°C by 10am at Olympic Park where I work
  • Seventh consecutive day that the national average is above 39 degrees, the previous record was 4 consecutive days in 1973
  • 40°C in Sydney by 1pm
  • 44°C at Broken Hill
  • It's set to hit over 50°C next Monday in South Australia
  • 100 fires in NSW at the moment  
  • They brought in some firefighters from New Zealand to  help out with fires today
  • It's currently 42°C outside and I'm braving the heat to go get some cake.  Yep, cake.  No idea why, I just feel like cake
  • oh one last thing - the Bureau of Meteorology has had to introduce new colours to its heat map.  True story:

 ETA: I lasted outside for 4 minutes, and came back to the cafe at the bottom of my office building and settled for a muffin in the absence of cake.  THAT is how hot it is, and I grew up in a country that never dipped below 30°C all year-round.


Sydneysiders,it's meant to still be around 30°C at midnight tonight so try and sleep in a house with AC!


  1. The heat is killing me in Canberra & it's still a chilly 39 degrees today! For work I had to be out of the office for 4 hours across the middle of the day - I may as well not have worn make-up as the lot slid of my face! Hope tomorrow brings a bit of relief for the heat & fire danger. Stay safe

    1. Oh no 4 hours outdoors?!?! I barely lasted 4 minutes. That's awful! Today's much cooler in Sydney so I hope it's the same in Canberra. How did you sleep last night?

    2. It was much cooler in Canberra too today.. Thankfully! Last night we had a bit of a breeze so it wasn't too bad for sleeping although the doggy was up a lot. We don't have air-con (who needs it in Canberra?!) so just sweltered through.


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