Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Louboutin #14 - bleu saphir Pigalle

I first saw an Instagram photo of these and fell head over heels in love with the colour.  I visited the Sydney boutique and asked if they were getting this shoe in.  Negative.  I contacted a CL boutique in the US that had them in stock.  Negative in my size.  Sad. 

Then, Ling (yes I'm dobbing you in) saw them pop up on Matchesfashion and I was on it in 2 seconds.  I made the purchase on a Friday and they arrived the following Monday (which also happened to be Christmas Eve) so I was super happy. 

This is me wearing them with an Asos tee and aherm Supre skirt (don't bash me):


  1. Yeap it was ME!! LOL i was on Matches just before and you sent me that pic.
    Then told me it was sold out. I was scratching my head like .. but i thought...

    See this is why they call me the #1 enabler. I don't even know why i am on these sites ALL the time and do not buy anything but tell everyone to buy them. LOL

    1. One of the CL boutiques told me it was sold out! Maybe he meant in that boutique. Yay that I found it on Matches. Since you are amazing at finding shoes I'm after, I'd also like Bianca 120s black in 35 and any Yolandas in 35. Thanks Louboutin fairy!!! :)


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