Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mr Louboutin, GPO, $1 Frozen Coke

4 weeks annual leave.  1.5 weeks down.  I actually left the house and went into the city today.  Amazing, given yesterday I lay on my deck chair on the balcony watching TV all day long.  Yep, talk about gluttony.

Today I went in to visit Mr Louboutin's store, and to have lunch with some ex-work colleagues; also finished wrapping the last of the Christmas pressies.

Soy flat white, Nudie tight long johns in flat blue, Asos tee, Ferragamo Varina flats
I went to GPO to post a few Christmas cards and walked around for 5 mins looking like an idiot, trying to find those bright red and yellow post boxes.  Public service announcement: the GPO post boxes have been removed.  They have been replaced by the most inconspicuous slots hidden in the PO Boxes.

Mr Louboutin's store is doing well.  I made a purchase, to be revealed later (although my Instagram followers will already know).

I visited The Strand which had some pretty decorations:

All this walking around made me a bit thirsty so I bought a Hungry Jack's $1 frozen Coke.  Delish.

Eventually got home and finished my pressie wrapping:


  1. The moving of the post boxes at GPO would confuse me too! Nice that they're all old fashioned looking now, but how confusing!

    1. I seriously walked in and out of the PO about 5 times looking for these non-existent boxes. Ummm hello how about a sign??

  2. Another pair. I thought you were on a shopping ban? ;p

    1. Well spotted Indi. I've worked out that I end up buying MORE shoes when I'm on a shopping ban than normal, so I officially give up. Bought a pair yesterday, a pair today, and emailed an online store about buying a third pair in 24 hours :S This is why I'm selling my Chanel!

  3. Never mind the bloody store front.
    Where are the shoes?!?! WHERE?


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