Thursday, 20 December 2012

DIY 3D Snowflakes

These are super super easy but look super super amazing.

You'll need:

  • Paper (any paper really - but not magazine/newspaper as it's too flimsy)
  • Scissors/blade
  • Sticky tape
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Basically for each snowflake you'll need 6 identical squares (the bigger the square, the bigger the snowflake obvs).

These squares are 10cm and make my medium sized snowflake
Fold each square diagonally TWICE.  Rule 3 lines starting from the side last folded, and leave about 1cm at the other end (there are different tutorials that rule and cut differently but I find this the easiest by far):

I'm OCD so my lines are 1cm apart, and 1cm short on the right.  For the top line, it's 8mm short on the right.
Cut along the ruled lines and open  up:

Then fold and stickytape the 2 innermost corners together:

Flip the square and stickytape the next corners together, and continue until you have a completed piece:

Repeat with 5 more squares and you will have this:

I used 5 blue squares and 1 white square 
Because I'm OCD, I have each piece facing the same way (longer side turning clockwise).  Stick double-sided stickytape to the inner bits and stick them to each other.


Large snowflake uses 20cm squares, medium snowflake uses 10cm squares, small snowflake uses 7cm squares.  I personally wouldn't go much smaller than 7cm squares as it gets fiddly and difficult to fold.

Happy craft-ing!


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