Friday, 21 December 2012

Louboutin #9 - black patent Ron Ron

I know this style is meant to be great for women with wider feet but they just don't feel comfortable for some reason.  Something to do with the arch support and my flat feet.  The widest part of my feet fit nicely in this as it is a wider than average Louboutin shoe.  I also have no problems with the short toe box since I have short toes.  But there's something about it that makes it uncomfortable.

It's also too round toe for my liking.  I don't like round toe pumps in general because I feel like they make my feet look shorter and stumpier than they already are.  I originally bought them to complement/replace my black patent almond toe Prada pumps but I think I'll sell these and go back to my trusty Pradas.

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