Sunday, 9 December 2012

Block Party @ Marquee @ The Star

Popped into The Star on Friday with work friends.  The night was being sponsored by Belvedere vodka so it was free Belvedere vodka all night.  Yes you read right.  No the night didn't end well for me.

I've been to Rock Lily at The Star before but not Marquee.  Marquee is the super fancy, exclusive "brush shoulders with rock stars" part of The Star but on Friday they let plebs like us in.  Very fancy interiors.

They had a live band, chicken burgers, fairy floss, beer, Belvedere vodka and Yellow to wash it all down.  Pretty good.  Thanks Marquee!!


  1. No way I can't believe they had free belvedere all night =O I went to Block party on their very first night and it was fun, but drinks sure were exxy!

    1. I missed out on the first one because my bf was home sick with food poisoning :(

  2. LOL The chicken burger looks pretty weird though. ^^ likewise shoe affair, free Belvedere! Goodness!


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