Monday, 10 December 2012

First day of annual leave!

My fear of being idle leads me to run myself in circles and become exhausted, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  When I was told I would need to take 4 weeks off I freaked out.  I can barely handle a weekend with nothing to do, how would I handle 4 whole weeks?

Obviously the first thing I did was start to create a list of things to do during my time off:

I allowed myself a sleep-in til 9:20am this morning and started the day with a cup of T2 Melbourne Breakfast tea:

PS how fitting/awesome is my mug??
I started ticking things off my To-Do list.  The first thing I did was a trip to Aldi/Coles to stock up on stuff my kitchen has been needing for a few weeks.  When I was at Westfield, I came across the Cake Decorating Society of NSW Christmas Cakes and took a few snaps of my faves:

You can't tell from the photo but the red cake was taller at the back than the front (reminded me of the base of a topsy turvy cake).  The bottom left cake looked like it was a cross-stitch Santa on the top but upon closer inspection, it wasn't cross-stitch.  Couldn't work out exactly what it was but it looked fab.  I like the bottom right cake because it's so Aussie - playing cricket, wearing sunnies whilst sunbaking.

On my trip home I managed to drive into the back of a woman.  Of course she drives in Audi.  Great.  Bye bye $650 excess.  Last thing I need when I'm off work for 4 weeks and already spending a lot because of Christmas but oh well, lesson learnt.

Came home and made myself a yummy sandwich (rare roast beef, cucumber, truss tomatoes and spinach with real egg mayo) before attempting to make my Rhubarb Gingerbread Sponge Pudding (I'll share the recipe tomorrow):

I spent the next few hours setting up the Christmas tree, wrapping pressies and making gift tags.  I'm not 100% finished yet so I won't show you what it looks like... just yet!

Now it's 4pm and I need to go to my Chiro before heading to my parents to help them host a dinner party (this is where the Rhubarb Gingerbread Sponge Pudding comes in).

Chat later!!


  1. Oh I'm a list maker too! Just had to buy a new notebook because my old one is full :/

    1. Hehe I have a tendency to rip my lists out of my notebook so I have random scraps of paper everywhere :S

  2. I need more tips. I am on 2 weeks forced leave for xmas and have only a week for holidays. Help

    1. What are you interested in Indi? Crafts? Baking? Cooking?

    2. None of the above! I have no hobbies argh.

      I have now extended my trip for another 5 days as can't handle the thought of being home for a week.

  3. OMGAWDDD nooo you rammed into the back of someone? :(
    PS do you have my number for our meetup?

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