Monday, 25 November 2013

Date Night @ Jamie's Italian

I'm going to be really unpopular here and say I didn't think Jamie's Italian was great.  I absolutely refuse to wait in line for food so we waited until they accepted reservations (you can do it on their website in about 10 seconds flat - super easy).  When we arrived there was a queue about 10 people long even if you had a reservation but it moved quite quickly and we were seated immediately.

I bothered to put a nice dress on
Our waiter, John, gave us menus and took us through the specials.  Obviously I had already had a sneak peak at the menu online and had already chosen my 3 course dinner haha (I am SO indecisive that this shaves about 20 minutes off our food ordering time).

Polenta Chips
The rosemary and parmesan flavours were delicious but I found these buggers painful to eat.  They were deep fried until they became really hard and couldn't be forked so we ended up using fingers.  They also cut the roof of my mouth trying to eat them so I stopped at 2.

Crab and avocado bruschetta
Super duper yummo.  The apple matchsticks added a wonderful texture to an otherwise mushy entree.  The highlight of the night for me.

Land and Sea Risotto
The tomatoes in this risotto were a great tangy touch but I found the capers completely overwhelming and ruined the dish for me.  The rice was a bit grainy and all in all I didn't think it was great.  Wouldn't order it again.

Black Angel Spaghetti
This was Tom's dinner (luckily because I didn't like it at all).  I've had squid ink pasta before but this had a really weird taste to it - I can't even describe the weirdness.

JI Epic Brownie
I originally wanted the Pana Cotta for dessert but they had run out so we settled for the Brownie.  I didn't like the Amaretto flavour to the ice cream - didn't think it went with the rest of the dish.  The Brownie was forgettable as was the drizzle of chocolate.  The only thing I enjoyed was the caramelised popcorn.

The service at Jamie's is excellent and prompt but I wouldn't come back here based on the food.  Maybe I had unusually high expectations of it because everyone's been talking about Jamie's since it opened, but I found the food to be of average quality.  Sorry Jamie!


  1. Interesting post! I had initially wanted to check out Jamie's last year for my birthday but upon reading mixed reviews, decided against it! I guess you either like it or hate it. I'm the same too, don't like queuing for food and always check out menus online beforehand! I often base my dining decisions on the restaurants' dessert menus haha.

    1. I was sooo bummed the pana cotta was sold out because I was looking forward to it.

  2. Sounds like it wasn't great :(

    But I'm sure you at the very least had a nice date night, they are always fun :)

    1. That's true Elle, we had a nice date night which we haven't done in a while. Silver lining :)

  3. *Drool* that food looks amazing! The dress you were is gorgeous and looks fabulous on you.

    1. Aww thanks hun, the dress is a cheapie $20 Asos dress!


  4. Agree the food is average at best. I'm unsure why it gets hyped up and that some people go multiple times. I wouldn't be in a hurry to back anytime soon. The service as you mentioned is good though.

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