Thursday, 28 November 2013

10 years on....

Last Friday I went to my 10 year highschool reunion.  I wasn't sure what to think going into the night.  I was initially hesitant, then nonchalant and finally really excited about it (split personality much?).

Upon arriving I was greeted by many familiar faces, most of whom look/act/dress exactly the same as I remember from 10 years ago.  If anything I feel like I've changed the most since highschool ended.  And it got me thinking about exactly HOW I've changed...

Gone are the days of rainbow coloured hair (yes RAINBOW), colour-coding my notebooks and folders (each subject had its own assigned colour), blatant disregard for authority, listening to heavy rock (what I refer to these days as "screaming music"), an unhealthy obsession with piercings and getting a drunk a lot (the last few can be linked).

My fashion sense has now become more refined - tailored, classic and fitted pieces instead of rainbow jeans with cut-off waistbands (I had a rainbow obsession ok?!!).  I've lost a bit of weight since highschool (you mean a strict diet of chocolate and buttered popcorn is NOT good for the waistline????).  I have the occasional alcoholic beverage but certainly no more than 2 drinks/night.  I'd like to say I'm less OCD than I used to be but I'm pretty sure I would be lying if I did.

Have you changed a lot since highschool?  How so?


  1. Please do a throw back Thursday with this rainbow obsession. Need to see.

    1. I had a look last night but couldn't find any photos - they must be at my parents place. I'll have a look this weekend - it'll be good to take a trip down memory lane!

  2. There's only one true reason to go to a high school reunion (other than to see how much you've changed) and that is to brag. Everyone's pretty much the same unfortunately, the mean girls are still mean. The geeks are now all engineers and doctors. Some say you're there to meet old friends but that isn't true, as if you were still friends you don't need a reunion to see them. :P Most memorable thing about them would be seeing the girl who have found their sugar daddy. XD

    I still colour-coding my notebooks and folders (each subject had its own assigned colour) by the way. :) We moved a lot so I went to more schools than I can count on one hand. Don't think I've changed, but rather just developed more personalities. I now like suits and tulle (and have worn them together...), not sure what I wore back then. One thing I've learnt is that it is perfectly fine to be curvy and not be stick insect and that not everyone was made to be a model (nor does everyone want that lifestyle).

  3. Call me naive but I thought the 'mean girls' at highschool were actually nicer than I remember them being. I think since highschool most people have matured and there isn't the same 'mean girl' mentality. And to be honest, the main reason why I went to the reunion is to see people I was never that close with and therefore haven't kept in touch with but still wanted to see what they were up to. I certainly didn't go to brag (I mean, I have nothing to brag about!)

    I definitely agree that I've also learnt that curves are sexier than beanpoles and to be comfortable with the shape I am.


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