Friday, 30 May 2014

Uniqlo Australia Customer Service RANT.

I'm so disappointed in one of my fave chainstores that I have raved about previously here and here.

When I discovered the Uniqlo Australia online store was open I quickly popped an order through.

Some of the items were not the standard I was expecting so I returned them immediately.  One month later I had not received an email from Uniqlo, nor a refund.  I contacted Customer Service about the refund, listing the 3 items I returned, and a sizing question.  Their response answered my sizing question but ignored my refund request.  When I persisted about the refund they asked which items I had returned.  I copied and pasted from earlier in the email trail where I mentioned it.  The response I received was "We are still in the process of checking of the refund. Once we get an updated information, we will let you know."  I don't know how many online retailers take one month to process refunds with no communication in between.

A week later still no word from them so I decided to call them and explain the situation again.  The lady took down my email and contact number and said she would investigate and email me back with a resolution.  This was on Tuesday.  It's now Friday and I haven't received any response from them.

This morning I received 2 of the items back in the post with no letter of explanation.  I still haven't received a refund for the 3rd item.  When I tried to call them (using the number displayed on their website which is the same number I called a few days ago) the recorded message says "Hi welcome to Levi's".  I thought I'd stay on the line anyway in hopes it actually was Uniqlo but with the wrong recorded message.  I was on hold for 10 minutes and eventually gave up.

I'll be spending my money elsewhere where they are more helpful with my refunds and have better communication.


  1. How disappointing. I was going to buy a cashmere sweater off them too.

    Decided not to buy their puffer jacket because I found one overseas from the North Face that was both cheaper and better quality.

    Hope you get resolution soon.

    SSG xxx

    1. Their puffer jackets are slightly cheaper than the norm but I wouldn't trust the quality personally. North Face is defs a winner!

  2. Oh that is so annoying! Why have an online store if you don't intend on giving the proper service.

  3. That's terrible! I love my Uniqlo stuff from London. :( Hope it's resolved soon! x

    1. I have so many clothes from Uniqlo so this is really disappointing :(


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