Friday, 2 May 2014

Coming up for air. Uniqlo goodies.

I won't lie.  I had to re-read my last few posts as I had no idea where I had left off last time.

I feel like I've been in my own little bubble lately.  I worked a few public holidays+weekends+late nights and I was beginning to suffer from long-term sleep deprivation, general irritability and deliriousness.  The first day off I had in a fortnight was last Saturday and that was only because I had a wedding dress fitting appointment that I could not shift.

Having said that, despite my ridiculous hours at work I am so much happier in this new role/company than I ever was at my last job.  It makes you put things into perspective and makes you appreciate what you have.

Work aside, I was meant to tell you about my online Uniqlo purchases.

I decided to try out the scoop neck merino knits since I already have 2 Uniqlo v-neck knits.  I've decided to keep the grey one but I'm going to return the forest green as I prefer the v-neck style.


I got a heattech long-sleeved top which is just great, as expected.  The AIRism tops I got were a bit of a let-down.  I'm not sure what I was expecting really, given their promotional material.

The website says "can be worn as a top" but I don't think you can wear the white tees/tanks at all.  They are pretty thin and you can see all bra lines, lumps and bumps.  Will be returning the AIRism tanks as they are a lot boxier than the image on the site.



  1. Thanks for the review..that narrows down what I will buy!

    Too bad about all the late hours, is that a permanent thing or just for now?

    1. Time will tell. I really hope it's a short-term thing!!

  2. Thanks for the review from me too. Like Rhiannon - narrows down what I want considerably. Really want a puffer jacket.... Really want.

    SSG xxx

  3. I just bought my first Uniqlo merino knit and I'm sold on them - was sucked in by an opening special at their new store here in Melbourne and glad I was. I got the v-neck which is great over a shirt. Hope your work hours improve :)

    1. Was the opening special $10 off? I was thinking just this morning that the knit would be great over a shirt!!

      I'm hoping my work hours improves too, thanks lovely.


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