Friday, 2 May 2014

Hong Kong goodies, Aldi heating goodness

My Mum returned from a trip to Hong Kong bearing gifts.  Tom scored a cotton v-neck from Uniqlo and I got a pair of Uniqlo seam-free undies as well as Minion earphones (I love a good Minion product).  My Mum said she thought of Tom and I when she saw these mugs and had to get them for us.  She's the cutest!

Sydney's definitely cooled down lately and I found myself a bit chilly in the apartment.  I haven't used a heater in 3 years as the places I lived were always quite warm in winter.  A few weeks ago I found myself desperately clutching my laptop for warmth.  At that point I thought I should go heater shopping.  As luck would have it, Aldi read my mind and had some heaters for sale that week.

My awesome sister went to her local Aldi bright and early on Wednesday morning to pick me up this baby.  She's black and has a glass panel and is super sexy.  And she keeps me warm.  AND she has a remote control so I don't even have to get off the couch to adjust the temperature.  The lazy girl in me just loves this.


  1. Did you use to live in QLD? That's the only place that could be warm in winter. :P Great investment, we're still researching portable heaters that aren't at risk of fire.

    1. No I've lived in apartments and I always find them to be super warm!

  2. Lol those mugs are so cute.

  3. Dear god, remote control heating.. shit yeah I want one.
    And those mugs are adorbs. It does remind me of the two of you. HAHAHA


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