Friday, 31 January 2014

The TMI tag

Stolen from Rhi who stole it from Michaela haha.  I'm also deleting some questions which I think are silly, no one cares what my favourite song is and to answer that question I don't have one.  Also I have no idea why the formatting is so off but it's too late for me to care.

1: What are you wearing? 
Umm just undies.  Just finished a shower and about to go to bed

2: Ever been in love? 
Hi Tom!

3: Ever had a terrible breakup? 
Yes.  Tears, begging, ahhhh 

4: How tall are you? 
I want to say 148cm and I think that's right

5: How much do you weigh? 
I want to say 43kgs and I'm pretty sure that's right

6: Any tattoos? 

7: Any piercings? 
Ears (7 or 8 or 9) and my belly button
13: How old are you? 

14: Zodiac sign? 
Pisces - someone tell me what Pisceans are like!

15: Quality you look for in a partner? 
Honesty, someone I can be silly and have a laugh with, patience (VERY important when dating me)

16: Favourite Quote? 
Ok I had to google it to get it right...
18: Favourite color? 
Fuchsia (did you know I misspelt fuchsia as fuschia until last year?  Mind was well and truly blown when I discovered that)

19: Loud music or soft? 

20: Where do you go when you're sad? 
I like to just go for a walk and clear my head, down to the water if possible

21: How long does it take you to shower? 
10 mins normally, or 15 if I have to wash my hair

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 
10 minutes flat

23: Ever been in a physical fight? 
Yep.  Do NOT push me on the dancefloor

24: Turn on?
A sincere smile

25: Turn off? 
Smoking, douches

27: Fears? 

Having all my teeth fall out (seriously I get recurring nightmares)

28: Last thing that made you cry? 
My Manager.  Refer to last post.

29: Last time you said you loved someone? 
My Mum as I hung up the phone to her on Tuesday

30: Meaning behind your blog Name? 
Actually I get asked this all the time because I have the same instagram/twitter username.  It's my vogue forum username which I got from searching around my parents' study for inspiration and I found a cap on it that had 'Hermosa' embroidered onto it.  Randomness!

31: Last book you read? 
Desert Flower by Waris Dirie - it's about female circumcision in African culture

32: The book you're currently reading?

Nothing :(

34: Last person you talked to? 
Tom, about my new tablet

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? 
Ling is my sister from another mister

36: Favourite food? 
Salad.  Most types

37: Place you want to visit?
Hawaii again and Europe again

38: Last place you were? 
Don't understand this question.  I'm sitting on a couch.  Prior to this I was standing in the shower.

40: Last time you kissed someone? 
1 hour ago

41: Last time you were insulted? 

49: Last time you hung out with anyone? 

With my sisters today!!  Love hanging out with my sisters

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  1. Yayyy I love that this is going around! I love reading people's answers hahahaha. I also have no idea why the formatting of these posts gets so weird.
    And when I was little I used to pronounce fuchsia exactly like it's spelled... FU-CH-SEE-YA.
    My mum had a good laugh at that one!


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