Friday, 31 January 2014

Body is number one.

Firstly, thankyou to all of you who showed your support via this blog or twitter or real life.  Even though it's a bit of an odd time, the amount of positive feedback I've received has honestly been overwhelming and a little unexpected.

I know I am definitely better off somewhere else, somewhere that will appreciate what I bring to the table.  It really is a shame though because I worked very well with my peers and stakeholders and respected them greatly.  So sad that a single person can be so negative that I would throw away all the other good relationships and work because of that.

So there's 3 of us who are leaving my small team of 10 on the same day in Feb.  Hopefully that's an indication to senior management that there's something seriously wrong.  Anyway, not my problem.  I'm moving onto bigger and better things.

What I actually wanted to address in this post are the health issues associated with stress.  If you are as lucky as me you'll have a plethora of physical ailments, top cover private health insurance is not only necessary but your best friend.

I had a pretty big argument with my Manager last Wednesday.  Thursday I started feeling unwell and Friday I awoke to the worst period pain in a decade.  I'm on the pill to reduce my period pain which also regulates my cycle; I always get my period on Monday night/Tuesday morning.  This month it came 4 days early on the Friday before.

All I could do on Friday was sleep, Saturday was slightly better and then Sunday was slightly worse again.  Monday was a mix of period pain and a headache.  What a waste of a long weekend!  I woke up on Tuesday with NO PERIOD PAIN (it's a miracle) but my body decided to tag team and a headache set in for the whole of Tuesday and Wednesday, then yesterday I woke up with a throbbing headache which developed into a migraine.  I tried hard not to throw up, the pain was so bad.

Today is the first day in 7 days I have woken up in no pain whatsoever and I feel like the world is lighter and brighter (how sad).  I think what I'm trying to say is no work stress is worth sacrificing your health over.  It has taken me 7 years to realise this but at the end of the day your health has to be your number 1 priority.  Invest in it; pay for good medical attention; listen to your body.

I go to the chiro once a fortnight, I see an acupuncturist for my period pain, I go and get massages frequently because I carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders, I go for a brisk walk if I have moderate period pain, and I need to start going to yoga regularly.

What do you do to look after yourself?



  1. I'm so glad to hear you're in a good place health wise, Kay!

    Take care

    SSG xxx

    1. I'm actually in a good place, health wise and also emotionally. It's a bit bizarre but I won't question it :)

  2. Ugh I know how you feel, except when I'm stressed out I miss a whole month and then by body unleashes hell on me the next month my period is due.

    I also have vertigo (which is like a ear/head thingy which makes you insanely dizzy and nauseous for about 3-5 days non stop) which can be brought on by stress on top of it happening on its own every couple of months.
    Sucks being a girl sometimes!

    1. WOW you poor thing :( What do/can you do about vertigo?

  3. Your health and happiness is everything, nothing is worth sacrificing that - certainly not a job, despite the financial pressures.
    Everything will work itself out for the better, but good on you for having the courage to resign as you respect yourself!
    Hope it all starts brightening up for you real soon! :-)

    1. I mean the financial pressures are not that realistic given I've got a lot of savings and my Plan B if I happen to dry up my savings is to sell my apartment which I'm half contemplating doing anyway :)

  4. Glad you are feeling better.
    Totally agree - nothing is worth sacrificing your health for
    My new years resolution was to eat better and go to gym more - just need to find the right balance - i.e. not to go over board - its still a work in progress though
    Hope you find your groove

    1. I agree with that one million percent. Everything in moderation is the best - this is why I don't diet; just general healthy eating with the occasional sweet if my body is craving it.

      How are you going with the healthy eating and gym going?

    2. I'm trying to go to the gym twice a week - initially I was like I'm going to go heaps, but I have to be realistic, so I'm happy with going just twice for now. Still trying to figure out what I like, classes or just weights.
      What I wanted to focus on more was my eating. I also don't like to diet, so I just wanted to get back to basics, eating more greens, more fruit, more water and less fatty foods (I walk right past a maccas on my way to work and they know me). So after I got the Omniblend for xmas, I wanted to make the most of it - hence, the many smoothies - I wanted to know what all the fuss was about - I'm still undecided. I mean it helps that it tastes great and I'm probably eating more greens and fruit than I ever have. Another plus is the time I actually save (thats including prep time).


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