Monday, 20 January 2014

Family Fun Times.

Hosting an 7-person brunch in a small 2 bedroom apartment is not easy.  But I had a lot of fun and I'm glad my family was able to see me settled in my new place.  Tom was the barista, churning out the coffees while my Dad joked that Tom had a Plan C if his Risk Management job and band both fell through (and that's as close to a compliment one will ever get from my Dad).

I cleverly chucked hash browns, tomatoes and mushrooms in the oven so I didn't have to worry about them and all I did was fry up some spinach, haloumi and chorizo.

My best friend's Mum bought me this gorgeous table runner back from a trip to Sri Lanka and it matches my red-themed kitchen/dining rooms perfectly!

My Dad recollected that he used to go down to my closest ferry wharf for fishing back in the day and lamented that he didn't bring his fishing rod today.

After brunch we went for a walk down to the water where my Dad got cranky about being out in the sun so we put him on a park bench in the shade and the girls walked around to Luna Park for a different view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Everyone was in good spirits as we walked back to the apartment and my Dad even joked about buying a house in the area as he loves the water and my Mum loves the trees and parks.  I'm really glad my family came over for the morning and we just hung out and had fun without anyone being grumpy or arguing.

^ Repurposed Glasshouse candle jar


  1. Great spread - looks delicious!
    Ps. Dads are the funniest.

  2. Well done, on the brunch and the happy-family day.


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