Monday, 13 January 2014

2014 so far.....

Is it bad that I feel like it's Feb already??  I have packed so much into the first few weekends of January that I'm literally running from one place to the next (and sometimes late, which I hate doing).

First weekend of Jan we bought a new TV - a Sony Bravia 50 inch Smart TV with Full HD.  She's so shiny and I love her.

FRIENDS is better on 50 inches
 Shopping has continued as per my last post.

.... and introducing my Lover dress.....

I've eaten some meals

And visited some places

And seen some things

 (on a side note I've taken over the Furnace and the Fundamentals instagram account which is loads of fun).


  1. Wow! Love your purchases! A New TV, that's on Mr. HEA's list I am sure. And I agree the Lover dress is gorgeous.

    1. Haha boys love TVs don't they? I really wasn't fussed about getting a big/nice one but we ended up with this!


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