Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Chanel Timeless CC soft

I went into Chanel a few months ago to buy a pair of earrings and fell in love with this bag.  Price tag: $4500. Ugh.

I walked out with just the earrings but couldn't stop thinking about the bag.  Then a few months later it popped up on ebay with a local Aussie seller (therefore no $1000 goods tax).  It was a sign.  A few days later it arrived in my hot little hands and I couldn't contain myself.

Here she is....

Black caviar with silver hardware.  Matches (almost) my wallet which is black caviar with gold hardware.

What I love about this bag is that the chain isn't the normal thick Chanel chain, making it lighter and therefore easier to carry.  It also has many compartments unlike the flap which is just one big compartment.

Even though I wanted it as a work bag, it's actually quite versatile and I've worn it out more times than I've taken it to work!

This is how crazy Sydney weather has been.  The 2 pics above were taken a few days apart!


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